Rest of Season Strength of Schedule for All 32 Teams: Running Backs

Kristen Stewart

For the purpose of player evaluation, trade candidates, and rest of season rankings, I thought I would look at the team rest-of-season strength of schedule.

For this article in particular, we will focus on running backs, but I will post more articles in the near future about other positions.

How did I do it?

Easy: I took each team’s remaining opponents, and averaged their average Fantasy points allowed per week total to get an opponent average points allowed total for the rest of the season.

The results (Note: these numbers do not include the totals from Week 8):

[table id=11 /]


First thought: Thank god I have some players toward the top of the list.

Second thought: Not only do the coaches in Miami hate Lamar Miller, the schedule gods hate Lamar Miller as well.

Third thought: I really need to get a new job; this entire article, and most of the other articles I write, are composed while I am at my real job. But hey, I guess most people don’t have jobs that would allow them to do this.

Final thought: If you ever want to stir up controversy among friends during a night of drinking, serve up some “Screaming Nazis” (half Jagermeister and half Rumple Minze)—also known as “Blackout Juice.” Friend A and Friend B of mine got into a fight on Friday night/Saturday morning because Friend A told my roommate that he could eat faster than my roommate (this is all after Friend A, Friend B, my roommate, and I had been heavily lubricated with much more alcohol than the four Screaming Nazis that each of us split). Friend B, feeling the effects of the Screaming Nazi, and in objection to Friend A’s assertion, decked friend A in the face: Thwack!

I, on the other hand, after drinking a Screaming Nazi, made a fool out of myself on the bus back from the bars in front of a girl whom I used to have a college class with; she looks like a hot Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas; the feature image shows what I’m talking about. And my roommate’s—not the one who was the source of the aforementioned altercation, but a third roommate — last experience with a Screaming Nazi ended with him peeing in a girls bed; I’m pretty sure they hooked up again.

So — peeing in a girls’ bed, not a deal breaker!

 Back to Football

Knowshon Moreno

Moreno has looked great so far in 2013, but a tougher schedule will test his skills. Photo by: SouthPawHook

It looks like the schedule will begin to ease up for players like Ray Rice, who has struggled this year, and Chris Johnson, who owners wish would perform a little better, while the calendar begins to tighten up for players like Knowshon Moreno, who has been the No. 2 ranked running back in Fantasy Football this year after going undrafted in most leagues, and Steven Jackson, who has had a season most people would expect a 30-year-old running back to have.

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