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Remember that time you thought about signing up for a Fantasy newsletter and then read a paragraph about that very exact moment? … Me neither.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Fantasy Newsletter:

  • Interesting Fantasy nuggets (6-pc or 9-pc)
  • A highly debatable list about something relatively insipid
  • Fantasy Fave Five (My favorite links to articles across the web)
  • Excellent spellling and goodly grammar
  • Site news and announcements about upcoming events

Selling you my Fantasy Newsletter

Did  I mention it’s FREE!?! You don’t even have to feel bad when you delete it, knowing that you paid NOTHING for it! (My god, I’m a good salesman.)

“What’s the regularity on these things?” one might ask. Somewhere between once a week and once a month — sorta like the number of times you wash your laundry. (I won’t tell anyone.)



See? Now was it that difficult? Now, if you’d kindly send me your social security number …


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