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This is just quick note to send you a big THANKS for commenting! It will be posted shortly! Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you – just saying it’s great to see someone participating in a post. A lot of us, including myself, sometimes, are lurkers on blogs, when we could join the conversation, like you just did, and really enrich the conversation.

Dog-fist-poundSome people will share a blog on their Facebook, or tweet a link out to something they enjoyed, but to comment on the page – that’s gold, Jerry!

If you liked what you read – or even if you didn’t and had a contrary opinion on something – I’d love for you to stick around and become an outspoken member of the community! For a lot of people, it’s tough to be the first person to comment on a blog – but once someone does, the conversation can really escalate into a large discussion. Everyone wins!

I started writing this blog to make a closer connection with readers and to share more of my thoughts – be it on Fantasy sports or something else. Your comments make that connection even closer, so thank you.

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Thanks again for chiming in and becoming part of our community.  Hopefully, you’ll find more articles on the site to chat about!






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