Top 5 Smart Phone Fantasy Sports Apps of 2012

Fantasy Sports Apps for Smart Phones

The following article is a guest piece by a writer named Pearlie Davis. She did some research to find some of the best Fantasy sports apps for smart phones in 2012, and she offered up some excellent analysis on why they are so helpful. You’ll notice that some of these are for the current Fantasy Football season, and some are for the Fantasy Baseball season. Hopefully, you’l find it as helpful as I did!

Must-have football addict apps for the edge you’re craving

As we enter the Fall season, you can feel the excitement in the air…and by that I’m referring to my husband and his buddies screaming at the television from our living room couch!
Yes, it’s fantasy football season. And that means that drafts are being made, predictions for teams and players are being made, and sports injuries are already occurring. So if you’re a fantasy football leaguer like my hubby dearest than you know that your pre-draft research and in-season connection to up to date news and tools can make or break your success.

So even though I can’t promise that if you use the following five apps that you’ll win all of your bets—I can say that the following five fantasy football apps can give you a pretty good edge.

1. NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2012 ($2.99 – for iPhone)

Fantasy Sports Apps for Smart Phones

I’d like to start off my “best of” apps list with a drafting app from the NFL.com. The NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2012 app is ripe with player rankings, a Value Based Drafting (VBD) algorithm, customizable stats for every NFL leagues, as well as full recommendations, latest player news, injury alerts, player statistics, keepers, and more to help you create your own custom drafts and rankings from your league’s scoring system.

2. Fantasy Forecast (Free – for Android)

If you are frustrated by having to consult multiple sources for your fantasy football info then the Fantasy Forecast app is a most welcome tool. This app features news, stats, and more from a variety of fantasy forecasting websites (it’s kind of like an aggregate feed that brings all of your desired news into one view). Use this tool to input your own league rules and create your own forecasts.

3. Fantasy Football Trade Evaluator ($0.99 – for Android)

The Fantasy Football Trade Evaluator app is a down and dirty fantasy football calculator—and it works! It bases its evaluations on current stats and historical data (such as injuries) to create a number value for each player. So it’s a good tool to use before you make a player trade within your fantasy football league. My husband and his buddies use it to talk smack and trade using their T-Mobile Samsung phones.

4. Fantasy Football Insider (Free – for iPhone)

The Fantasy Football Insider app is a full-fledged fantasy-football managing tool. It’s great for constant research, up-to-date news, player analysis, and injury alerts during the season…and it comes from a valued source: Pro Football Weekly Magazine. So you know you’re getting the details from the real professionals.

5. Fantasy Monster Pro ($4.99 – for iPhone)

Lastly, I wanted to include the ultimate manager app for football fans! The Fantasy Monster Pro – for Yahoo/ESPN/NFL.com football will help you manage every of your fantasy teams. That means it’s not just about football, but helps you manage your basketball, baseball, and hockey teams as well! It’s simple to use, just customize your lineups by dragging and dropping from the lineup editor, or use this tool to consult the weekly matches, stay on top of injury reports, learn about trades in real-time, and more!

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Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews on industry news and popular mobile.

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