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The Ultimate Man Cave: Build a NFL-themed Sports Bar in Your Home

Ultimate Man Cave

The concept of the “man cave” has been revived to refer to a sanctuary where the man of the house could retreat and rejuvenate. Of course, the original man cave was an actual cave. Always got horrible satellite dish reception, though.

Things have evolved quite a bit since then. Modern man caves now come equipped with pool tables, shag carpet, pinball machines, full bars – or at the very least, a decent TV and a couch. And a bathroom! Don’t forget access to a bathroom.

While having your man cave is sanctuary enough for most men, why settle for ordinary? You can take things to the next level by building a full-on sports bar in your own home.

Getting Started on the Ultimate Man Cave

First, decide where you want the bar. The best location will likely be the basement, but the den, garage, or spare room are possible choices. Consider an accessible spot so that visitors can enter and leave easily. Choose the place most conducive to moving company as well as a good spot for a personal retreat if needed.

Next, measure the area thoroughly and precisely so that you’ll be able to outfit it properly. Bars come in straight, free standing and L-shaped designs. Buy or create your own plan for the bar – you’ll need at least a basic blueprint to follow. Check out and for ideas, plan options and accessories.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Choose a design and wood tone for the bar that you will love looking at for years to come. Select a style that suits your tastes and will also withstand the level of partying you and your friends plan to enjoy. Browse sites like Houzz and for ideas and inspiration. Choose bar stools that will keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the entire Sunday football lineup (and into overtime, if needed). Why not try gas lift bar stools as they’re very comfy and you can adjust the seat to suit your height!

Ultimate Man Cave

Photo by craiglloyd via Flickr

Now comes the really fun part – decorate and stock your home sports bar to your own tastes and preferences. Browse sites like Pinterest and Pottery Barn for ideas. Buy barware and accents that fit your personal style. This is your sports bar – make it the environment of your dreams. NFL fanatics, of course, will want to maximize an NFL theme. Choose memorabilia from your favorite teams and players to display on the walls and all around the bar.

Man Cave Accessories

So, you’ve got your bar. Now, all you need is a great TV, very comfortable sofas and some games. A high definition, flat-screen TV would be the best option, the size of it will depend on the amount of space you have and where you’re putting it but 48″ should be big enough. You could even opt for a curved screen if you wanted to be fancy. Then, where are you going to sit? Are you thinking of reclining chairs or one big sofa. You can pick up some second-hand furniture quite cheaply and it would have already been broken in, making it extra comfy. Finally, what about before the game starts? Or half time? Perhaps you want an air hockey table, or top rated foosball tables can be a perfect choice. This is also a great way to entertain your buddies if they don’t want to go straight home after the game has finished!

Your Portal to the NFL

You won’t want to skimp when it comes to the audio-visual aspect of your sports bar. Go for a killer cable or satellite package – check out NFL Sunday Ticket to learn about the best ones currently available. If possible, set aside enough in your budget to pick up a TV that will make your friends’ jaws drop. The debate rages on about whether or not HDTV or Plasma is better; go to a local store that lets you view both side by side. Consider the Samsung 6500 Series and Sony BRAVIA for HDTV, or the Pioneer brand for Plasma. Go for at least 60 inches if you can. Pick a TV that will make you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action when the opposing team’s quarterback gets sacked.

As for beverages and snacks, stock your personal favorites. Pick up a few of the basic types of liquors plus ingredients and supplies for mixed drinks. Buy an assortment of beer to satisfy the tastes of your guests. Beyond that, the finishing touches of your home sports bar are up to you. Have fun with it, and be ready to be the talk of your neighborhood.

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