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Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards To Target!

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Targeting Victor Wembanyama rookie cards is a wise decision for any card collector, especially now that he is officially the 2023-24 NBA Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama!

As we all know, rookie cards are the bread and butter of any sports card collection, which is why we’ve created several tools to help people track down the best rookie cards from each sport!

Why Are Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards So Popular?

Victor Wembanyama rookie cards are already looking like wise investments, considering he’s likely the 2023-24 NBA Rookie of the Year. We’re talking about the most popular rookie to enter the NBA in the past 20 years (remember when LeBron James got drafted in 2003!?!).

Wembanyama is over 7-feet tall, but he has great ball-handling skills and a penchant for dropping three-pointers in with regularity. This good looking, young fella is French, also, which adds a whole international level of collecting that someone like Anthony Edwards might not have had when he got drafted.

The San Antonio Spurs took Wembanyama first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, after he played professionally on the international stage for a few years. In his first NBA season, he delivered in a way even his greatest fans wouldn’t have imagined. On a minutes restriction by Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich, Wemby became the first NBA player to record 75 three-pointers, 150 assists and 150 blocks in the same season — and he did that in just 48 games! (Wemby set many NBA records in his first rookie season, which means even bigger things are coming!)

Why Are Wemby’s Rookie Cards Different?

Interestingly, though, Wemby’s rookie cards are a little different from many of the other young superstars because he has an exclusive autograph deal with Topps/Fanatics, even though Panini still holds the NBA trading card license. That means the rookie cards found in Panini products (like Prizm, Donruss, National Treasures, Optic, Select, etc.) won’t have autographed cards to chase!

Unfortunately, that also means that non-Panini cards will be missing NBA logos, which automatically makes cards less attractive than their NBA-licensed counterparts.

Collectors of Victor Wembanyama rookie cards have to choose if they want Wemby autos or Wemby Spurs cars without autos. The former are more valuable, but the latter can have value built in by using low-numbered parallels.

Even so, there are a ton of awesome Victor Wembanyama rookie cards, some of which are expensive and rare, and some of which are just highly collectable for other reasons.

The “Fake Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards” Controversy

In April of 2024, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol announced they had seized counterfeit goods from a container that came from China, including a large quantity of counterfeit designer clothes, shoes, watches, and Panini Prizm Victor Wembanyama rookie cards! notes that fake Victor Wembanyama rookie cards can be spotted, as the font on the “Spurs” team name isn’t as bold as the original. They listed several other ways to spot the fake Wemby RCs!

Autographed Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards – View on eBay!

If you can afford to get one of Wemby’s signed cards, which you’ll only be able to get through Topps from what we understand, then you are way ahead of the game!

Victor Wembanyama Pre-Rookie Cards

The most famous pre-rookie card is considered the very first major card ever produced for Wemby, which makes it valuable to collectors.

SI For Kids – Victor Wembanyama #1053 – View on eBay!

Unfortunately, there are many reasons it’s super difficult to get this card in good condition.

  1. It’s a card that came connected to other cards on a nine-card sheet.
  2. It came from inside a Sports Illustrated magazine (SI For Kids)
  3. It has perforated edges.
  4. It’s made by a non-card manufacturer.

It’s a fun card, for sure, but it’s just tough to find in great condition. If you can get a good graded one at a good price, grab it!

2022-23 Bowman University Best Victor Wembanyama #51 – View on eBay!

2022-23 Bowman University Chrome Victor Wembanyama #101 – View on eBay!

Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards

2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Victor Wembanyama #2 View on eBay!

Victor Wembanyama – Topps Rookie Cards

While Topps has already produced some Victor Wembanyama rookie cards, these don’t have the NBA licensing, so you won’t see him in a Spurs uniform on Topps cards until they get the license next year.

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter Victor Wembanyama #271 – View on eBay!

There are many Victor Wembanyama Topps Now cards (I actually show eight base cards, with many more parallels and autos). Here are some of the most popular Topps Now Wemby cards.

2023 Topps Now Victor Wembanyama #D1 – No. 1 Overall Draft Pick – View on eBay!

2023 Topps Now Victor Wembanyama #472 – Throwing Out First Pitch in the Bronx – View on eBay!

2023 Topps Now Victor Wembanyama #VW-1 – 1,000th Point Scored – View on eBay!

2023 Topps Now Victor Wembanyama #VW-2 – Youngest Ever 5×5 – View on eBay!

Victor Wembanyama – Panini Rookie Cards

As you can guess, there are hundreds of different parallels of all the Victor Wembanyama rookie cards, so we’re listing just his true rookie cards from Panini right here.

2023 Panini Prizm Victor Wembanyama #136 – View on eBay!

2023-24 Donruss Victor Wembanyama #220 – View on eBay!

2023-24 Hoops Victor Wembanyama #277 – View on eBay!

2023-24 Hoops Winter Victor Wembanyama #277– View on eBay!

2023-24 Panini Court Kings Victor Wembanyama #106 – View on eBay!

2023-24 Panini Revolution Victor Wembanyama #104 – View on eBay!

2023-24 Donruss Elite Wembanyama #231 – View on eBay!

Here are some other very popular Victor Wembanyama rookie cards that also have some parallels. They just aren’t considered his true rookie cards for various reasons.

2023 Panini Prizm Monopoly Victor Wembanyama #81

2023-24 Donruss The Rookies Victor Wembanyama #1

As the newly announced 2023-24 NBA Rookie of the Year, Victor Wembanyama rookie cards are sure to continue to grow in popularity and price. We hope you pull some yourself – or get in on some good prices while you can!

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