Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings: QB, WR, TE

In order to save my brain from exploding, I’m going to post my weekly rankings in two sets: QB/WR/TE and then RB/K/DST. Most likely, these will be posted on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. It’s always a relatively frustrating endeavor that’s useless exactly four days later, but weekly rankings are a very important part to any owner, reader or website.

Normally, things won’t be this crazy, with me posting the rankings to RB/K/DST after one game is already played (DAL/NYG), but several factors really screwed up my week:

  • Labor Day — I was relaxin’ at Vero Beach most of that day.
  • My duties to SI.com kicked in — but the editor didn’t send me what I needed in time, so I’ve been working on that on days I would normally work on the site.
  • Stupid Wednesday kickoff because of the Democratic National Convention.

It’s the perfect storm to make these rankings late!

Week 1 Schedule

  • Dallas at N.Y. Giants
  • Seattle at Arizona
  • Atlanta at Kansas City
  • Cincinnati at Baltimore
  • Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
  • Carolina at Tampa Bay
  • Indianapolis at Chicago
  • Cleveland at Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh at Denver
  • St. Louis at Detroit
  • San Francisco at Green Bay
  • Miami at Houston
  • Jacksonville at Minnesota
  • New England at Tennessee
  • Washington at New Orleans
  • San Diego at Oakland

Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

Week 1 Fantasy Rankings

Can Drew Brees put together a “Take that, Commish!” season like Tom Brady did in 2008?

These rankings are for non-PPR leagues, with four points for passing TDs. Big thanks to the guys at Four-Downs.com for supplying the rankings tool! There are several teams with great passing matchups, like the Falcons, Panthers and Texans. And there are also several teams that are looking at stout pass defenses, like Bengals, Browns and Dolphins.

Just remember that you don’t necessarily want to sit your stars for someone with a great matchup. More often than not, gambles like that do not pay off.

By the way, you have to wonder if the Saints have some fire in them this season, much like the 2008 Patriots had in them after they got caught video-taping other teams. I like Drew Brees coming out big in the 2012 season opener.

And please check out our rankings for running backs, kickers and defense/special teams. After this week, things should be much easier and smoother!

You will need Flash in order to view the rankings, which means you may not be able to view it from your smartphone.

Week 1 QB Fantasy Rankings

Week 1 WR Fantasy Rankings

Week 1 TE Fantasy Rankings



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