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Colin Kaepernick, Week 1 QB Rankings

The first week of the NFL season is like a present someone just handed you. There’s no doubt it’s going to be awesome, but will you get exactly what you were hoping for? Our Week 1 QB rankings will help guide you through the first week’s signal-callers.

Since most teams only draft one quarterback, it’s doubtful this is a tough call for you. Or if you drafted two or more QBs, you likely did it later in the draft, which means these Week 1 QB rankings are a little more helpful. It’s quite possible the quarterback you drafted second has a better matchup than the one you drafted first.

These Week 1 QB rankings are also very helpful for Daily Fantasy play, as well. Especially for the Fan vs. Machine instant snake drafts on SKYLLZONE.com. I write for these guys now, over at blog.SKYLLZONE.com, and I absolutely love this game.

SKYLLZONE Fan vs Machine -- SKYLL PointsDownload the free draft app on iTunes, or just draft off your computer. You draft against nine computers – you don’t go up against the sharks in salary cap games like on other sites.

Everyone gets one free draft per day, and you can win SKYLL Points that you can use for entry into the Cash games – where you can win $15 for first place, and $5 for second place. These rankings will help you do just that!

Over at blog.SKYLLZONE.com, we even posted the Week 1 ADP, so you can see which players fans think will be better for each week. That will also help you for your own rankings.
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Week 1 QB Rankings

These rankings are based on standard Fantasy leagues with four points per touchdown and minus-one points for interceptions.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Let us know which sleepers you like in the Week 1 QB Rankings that we might have gotten wrong! Did we rank your starter too low? Your backup too high?


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