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Jason Witten, 2013 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

If there’s one thing we all learned during our 2014 Fantasy Football drafts this summer, it’s that the tight ends position is deeper than ever. If you didn’t draft one of the studs, you likely found yourself picking through some very good tight ends, wondering which one will serve you best. In our Week 1 TE Rankings, you’ll notice a similar point of view, as you could start any of the top 20 tight ends in this group and still end up with a good chance at getting quality points from them.

Rather than just list out what I think are the best players and move on to another position, I thought I’d share some stats from last season to help you see where my opinions were helped along.

One of my favorite in-season Fantasy Football tools is the “Defenses vs. Pos” stats from last year. (Obviously, once this season begins, this tool will get refreshed with this season’s stats.)

Basically, this tool tells you the average points per position a defense gives up. So for last year, if you look under QBs, you’ll see that the Vikings defense ranked last in the NFL against QBs, which means they allowed the most Fantasy points to that position last year. (They gave up 2.25 passing touchdowns and 25.75 fantasy points per game.)

On the other hand, the Seahawks defense was the toughest against fantasy quarterbacks (uh-oh, Aaron Rodgers owners), allowing just 0.95 passing touchdowns and 10.89 fantasy points per game.

Defenses vs. Tight Ends in 2013

The five toughest defenses against tight ends last year include:

  • Colts: 5.33 Fantasy pts allowed to TEs per game
  • Lions: 5.38
  • Rams: 5.38
  • Seahawks: 5.89
  • Bills: 6.00

The five softest defenses against tight ends last year include:

  • Cardinals: 13.25 Fantasy pts allowed to TEs per game
  • Vikings: 9.62
  • Jaguars: 9.38
  • Cowboys: 9.00
  • Texans: 8.50

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Week 1 TE Rankings

These tight end rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy leagues with six points per touchdown.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Are there some tight ends you think we have too high or too low in our Week 1 TE Rankings? We want to help our readers, so your comments on these tight end rankings can give them an added perspective and we definitely welcome that!

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