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Randall Cobb, Week 1 WR Rankings

Week 1 is officially here! All that’s left is dominating for 13 weeks, getting a bye week and then storming into your Fantasy league’s championship game – only to lose on an extra point. But still! You had a great year, and it all starts here – with the Week 1 WR Rankings!

You’ve heard all summer – probably the past two or three summers now – that the NFL is moving toward a bigger and better passing game. You’ll notice how many pairs of teammates are listed high up in these Week 1 WR rankings, and in some cases, there are even trios of players from the same team.

A few teams are going up against obviously tough matchups, including Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb at Seattle, along with Roddy White and Julio Jones facing the Saints. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson are all facing top-five pass defenses from one season ago.

Interestingly, nearly all of the top wide receivers are facing very difficult matchups, outside of Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Johnson and A.J. Green. Antonio Brown faces Browns CB Joe Haden, and now, Michael Crabtree is dealing with a calf injury that sprouted up this week.

SKYLLZONE Fan vs Machine -- SKYLL PointsIt’s also important to remember that Dwayne Bowe is suspended this week, and Wes Welker is still looking at his own suspension for a bit.

Going off of the stats from last season, here are the five toughest defenses against wide receivers, according to CBSSports.com:

  1. Tennessee: 14.00 Fantasy pts per game allowed to WRs
  2. Seattle: 14.79
  3. Tampa Bay: 15.88
  4. N.Y. Giants: 16.00
  5. Miami: 16.75

And here are the five easiest defenses from a year ago that allowed wide receiver the most Fantasy points:

  1. Philadelphia: 27.88 Fantasy pts per game allowed to WRs
  2. Detroit: 26.88
  3. Minnesota: 26.50
  4. Kansas City: 24.18
  5. Oakland: 23.62

Keep all of this in mind as you set your own Fantasy lineups, but remember, too, that many of these bad defenses have already changed defensive coordinators (and head coaches in some cases), so they might not start the season as bad as last year.

The SKYLLZONE Week 1 ADP shows Randall Cobb going with the 24th overall draft pick, which makes him the 11th wide receiver drafted, in  spite of his tough matchup in Seattle.
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Week 1 WR Rankings

These rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy Football leagues with six points per touchdown.

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Do you think there are some wideouts in our Week 1 WR rankings that we have too high or too low? Our mission is to help our readers, which means your comments on our articles and rankings gives them one more perspective and that’s a good thing!

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