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Matt Bryant, 2014 Kicker Rankings

You’re interested in the Week 10 Kicker rankings, you say? Let me help you out there, with a look at the best kickers in a six-team bye week.

With Stephen Gostkowski sitting on a couch this week, along with Adam Vinatieri and Nick Novak, there will be plenty of people scrambling for a good kicker.

Every week, I do these rankings for each position, and I prefer to write some interesting fodder for each article, rather than just post the breakdown of my rankings. With most positions, I can kind of dig a little deeper and offer up some food for thought about the position.

For instance, with the Week 10 RB Rankings, I take a look back to the summer, when the Zero-RB Theory was all the rage, and I discuss how your middle-round running backs are likely killing your team, even if you picked up Demaryius Thomas and Vincent Jackson early on.

Week 10 TE Rankings - SKYLLZONE Fan vs MachineThen, for the Week 10 WR Rankings, I looked back at the young players at the position, and what promise they hold for the second half of the season.

But it’s tough to do that every week for kicker rankings. So, instead, we’ll share with you the best/worst defenses for your kickers to face each week!

5 Best Defenses For Fantasy Kickers to Face

These stats are taken from the Defenses vs. Position tool at CBSSports.com.

  1. Bears: Allowing 9.75 Fantasy pts per game to Kickers
  2. Jaguars: 9.67 FPPG
  3. Buccaneers: 9.38 FPPG
  4. Raiders: 9.12 FPPG
  5. Titans: 9.00 FPPG

5 Worst Defenses For Fantasy Kickers to Face

  1. Chargers: Allowing 5.33 Fantasy pts per game to Kickers
  2. Lions: 5.50 FPPG
  3. Cowboys: 5.67 FPPG
  4. 49ers: 5.75 FPPG
  5. Colts: 5.89 FPPG

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Week 10 Kicker Rankings

These rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy Football leagues with six points per touchdown, and three points for field goals.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Our mission is to help our readers and Fantasy Football owners play better, which means your comments on our articles and our Week 10 Kicker rankings gives them one more perspective — and that’s great!

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