Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings

If you’ve made it this far in your Fantasy playoffs, then you are just a couple more wins away from winning the whole shebang! The Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings should help you with those very difficult lineup decisions!

Most likely, you’re not struggling with who to start at quarterback, tight end or kicker. But the Fantasy running backs, wide receivers and defense/special teams might be a different story.

One good thing about trying to figure out which kicker or defense/special teams to start in the playoffs is that there are only four teams battling it out on the waiver wire this week. And, ideally, you should be able to snake away a DST your opponent might consider starting against you.

Over at FantasySports.About.com, I wrote “9 Tips For Success in the Fantasy Football Playoffs”! If you work the waiver wire smartly, you can help your team with players NOT in your starting lineup!

Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Hopefully, these Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings will help you reach the championship game next week! If not, I blame the NFL. Those guys are always out to screw us.

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