Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings: QB, WR, TE

Tom Brady, Fantasy Football 2015 Quarterback Rankings

You’re ohhhhhh so close to sitting atop your Fantasy league as the 2012 champion. You’re either in the Fantasy Football championship game or you are at least in the Final Four. I guess there’s even a possibility you’re playing for third place in a consolation game, like I am in one league …. Stupid Dennis Pitta!!! Confirm your lineup against these Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings and take home the trophy!

At this point, you don’t want to take any huge chances — unless you have no choice. In other words, if Robert Griffin III becomes a gametime decision once again, then think about passing him up and grabbing someone off the waiver wire last second. Figure that the worst case scenario there is — RG3 would play and be great, but you’d still play a lesser QB that played average. But if you start RG3 and he bails after a couple series, you’re doomed. It’s all about being risk averse in the championship game. There is no tomorrow!

Tom Brady, Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings

Patriots QB Tom Brady has now thrown for 30 touchdowns for the third consecutive season. Photo Credit: DiegoG20

Speaking of Griffin, his chances of becoming the best Fantasy rookie QB ever are becoming slimmer and slimmer now. I’ve updated his stats and projections through the season, and he looks like he’s going to come up short — unless he blows up in these final two games!

Even so, he is definitely still one of the best rookies in Fantasy history. Before the season started, I discussed the top 30 rookies in 2012 and how I thought they would do. There are some hits (Doug Martin!) and some misses (Isaiah Pead!), but you might find the read enjoyable as we get ready for the 2012-13 offseason.

Speaking of rookies, it’s almost time to start thinking about next season! So take a look at the 2013 Fantasy Rookies Draft: Rd 1 for Dynasty Leagues. The running back corps is MUCH thinner than in recent years, especially now that Marcus Lattimore’s career is in jeopardy.

And finally, I posted the first round of a 2013 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, so take a look at that when you get a chance, and start planning on dominating a year early!

I will post our Week 16 Fantasy Football RB Rankings, along with the kickers and DSTs, on Thursday morning.

Remember that weather is also going to have a bigger effect on the Fantasy play of many skill position players now that we’re in the winter months.

This week’s NFL schedule is a little different. First, there’s no Thursday night game for the first time this week, which makes me sad. Now you’ll have to watch a disappointing episode of “The Office” in its final season live. Secondly, there is a game on Saturday night. And finally, there’s no Monday night game, since it’s Christmas Eve and what-not. Apparently, the Baby Jesus has never made it to the championship game of his Fantasy Football league.

Week 16 NFL Schedule

  • Atlanta at Detroit
  • Washington at Philadelphia
  • Minnesota at Houston
  • Indianapolis at Kansas City
  • Buffalo at Miami
  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  • St. Louis at Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans at Dallas
  • Tennessee at Green Bay
  • New England at Jacksonville
  • Oakland at Carolina
  • San Diego at N.Y. Jets
  • Cleveland at Denver
  • N.Y. Giants at Baltimore
  • Chicago at Arizona
  • San Francisco at Seattle

Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings

These rankings are for non-PPR leagues, with four points for passing touchdowns. The fellas over at Four-Downs.com supplied the rankings tool for us all season, so we’re very grateful for their help.

Again, we’ll post the Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings for running backs, kickers and defense/special teams on Thursday morning. Meanwhile, enjoy our Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings!

You will need Flash in order to view the rankings, which means you may not be able to view it from your smartphone.

Week 16 QB Fantasy Rankings

Week 16 WR Fantasy Rankings

Week 16 TE Fantasy Rankings

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