Week 5 Kicker Rankings — Sponsored by SKYLLZONE

Week 5 Kicker Rankings

Kickers. They’re like the little 6-year-old brother to the girl you’re dating. Well, I mean, like back when you were a teenager, you really shouldn’t be dating girls with 6-year-old brothers when your 35 years old.

Kickers are like little brothers because they have to go with you everywhere, while you’re trying to score with the other players. They’re always just – there. They don’t do much for you, and they don’t seem to make much difference from one to the other, which you’ll also see in the Week 5 Kicker rankings.

As a matter of fact, I actually play in THREE leagues this season that don’t use kickers at all. Can you believe that? One of them was on the Fanium app, the other was the FLEX league, and then The Huddle auction league.

I’m a purist, so I like things the same as they always are. When Jake Ciely told me he was doing a no-kicker lineup this season in FLEX, I balked. But I have to say, as I’m going through all of my lineups each week, it’s quite enjoyable NOT having to take care of the kicker position.

If you’re lucky enough to draft a good kicker (Steven Hauschka), you’ll have to deal with either cutting him during his Week 4 bye, or keeping him on your bench, and burning another spot for a different kicker. That means cutting a position player that could make a difference for you later on.

Week 5 RB Rankings, SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine Points GameBut – since you’re looking at these Week 5 Kicker rankings, that tells me you’re not in a non-kicker league. (I should’ve been a detective on CSI or NCIS or NYPD Blue or The O.C.) So let’s get into it!

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Week 5 Kicker Rankings

These rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy Football leagues with six points per touchdown, and three points for field goals.

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