Week 6 DST Rankings — Sponsored by SKYLLZONE

Week 6 DST Rankings

Throughout draft prep season, you’re often told to wait on Fantasy DSTs and kickers until late in your drafts. The way things are lining up after five weeks, you would have been much better off if you heeded that advice. While the Week 6 DST rankings should be considered separate from the Fantasy scoring totals so far, it’s good to look at the position from a wide perspective once in a while.

Since the Fantasy DST position has different scoring on tons of different sites, and league commissioners use different point values for different events, I’ll just use the Fantasy DST points on FootballGuys for this article.

The top defense/special teams entering this season on most sites included the Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos, Bengals, Panthers and Rams. While the Seahawks are certainly still among the best in the game, the 49ers and Panthers can already be considered major disappointments. Both teams can blame injuries and suspensions for their precipitous drops.

Week 6 DST Rankings - Fan vs Machine CashThe Eagles defense has been a major surprise so far, with 11 sacks and eight forced turnovers. But it’s their three defensive touchdowns that have them ranked as the best so far, which means you need to use great caution, since DST touchdowns are so tough to predict.

The Chiefs have 15 sacks already this season, and the Patriots were much improved on the defensive side, as we expected with the addition of Darrelle Revis and the return of Vince Wilfork.

One thing is clear, though. Fantasy owners should pay close attention to matchups each week, as opposed to blindly putting a mediocre defense out there each week.

5 Offenses that are Fantasy DSTs Best Friends

Here are the five offenses that are allowing Fantasy DSTs to score the most Fantasy points against them:

  1. Jaguars – Opposing DSTs are scoring 19.80 Fantasy PPG
  2. Rams – 15.25
  3. Raiders – 15.00
  4. Buccaneers – 15.00
  5. Vikings – 12.00

Top 5 Matchups for Week 6 DSTs According to Vegas

Here are the top five defenses according to the over/under line and the point spread on VegasInsider.com.

No. 1 – Chargers at Oakland – 43 o/u, -7 pts

No. 2 – Bengals vs. Carolina – 44 o/u, -7 pts

No. 3 – Titans vs. Jacksonville – 44 o/u, -6 pts

No. 4 – Seahawks vs. Dallas – 47.5 o/u, -8.5 pts

No. 5 – 49ers at St. Louis – 43.5 o/u, -3.5 pts

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Week 6 DST Rankings

These rankings are based on standard Fantasy leagues that award points to defense/special teams for sacks, interceptions, fumbles recovered, yards allowed and points allowed.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Let us know if there’s Defense/Special teams unit you like/hate that we have ranked too high or too low in our Week 6 DST Rankings!

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