Consider These Week 6 Sleepers

Week 6 Sleepers

Before I get into the Week 6 sleepers, let’s see how I did last week.

In honor of the MLB playoffs, I will categorize my picks with some baseball terminology.

Home Run

Vincent Brown killed it for the Chargers last week — 8 catches for well over 100 yards. That’s knocking it out of the park for a guy who hadn’t had 8 catches all season.


Terrelle Pryor had a pretty good game vs. the Chargers.  A couple of hundred yards passing and two touchdowns isn’t bad.

Those of you holding on to Robert Griffin III and playing Pryor during his bye week can’t be too upset. You might even have a decision to make this weekend …

Intentional BB

Jason Avant had a reasonably crappy game for the Eagles with only 3 catches. However, he was targeted seven times in the contest. So the intention was there…

6-4-3 Double Play

Holy cow. I don’t see how Dexter McCluster or Mychal Rivera could have been any worse. I guess McCluster could have one rush for no yards and a fumble. Then he would have been worse.

Rivera’s one catch for 5 yards was better than McCluster, but not by much.

Once again, I seem to be hanging around the .500 mark. We’ll see how this week goes.

Week 6 Sleepers


Mike Tolbert, RB, Panthers

The Panthers have to establish a run game this weekend against the Cardinals in order to open it up for Cam Newton. Mike Tolbert will be a part of that game plan.

He will get one shot at a goal line TD. If he doesn’t get in, Newton will get the much sought after “last beer” touchdown.

You know, the TD that 6 different owners hope they will get because it is inside the one?

Brian Leonard, RB, Bucaneers

Leonard is an absolute hunch. Doug Martin has carried the ball 100 times already this year.

The Bucs are going to try to spread it around or Martin’s going to get hurt. Either way, Leonard will benefit.

Earl Bennett, WR, Bears

I keep picking on the Giants every week, but how can you not? Their defense is horrible.

If the Giants try to lock down Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall, then Bennett could go crazy. The Giants are so bad all three wide outs could have a good game…

Greg Little, WR, Browns

It’s difficult to choose a Browns receiver when Brandon Weeden is getting back on the horse in Cleveland.  But the one thing Weeden can do is throw the deep ball, and the one thing Little can do is get behind coverages.

The key here is for Little to complete the play. He has to catch the ball… Browns fans know that is not his strong suit. This week they will hook up for a long one.

Garrett Graham, TE, Texans

Every week I’ve picked a player that will benefit from the injury of a fellow teammate. This week it’s Graham.

Owen Daniels is out and Graham should see a lot of targets. The wild card in this game is Matt Schaub. It’s hard for Daniels to rack up points if the ball is going the other way for a pick 6.

Maybe he will get a tackle or two for you. A point is a point where I come from…

When Heath isn’t looking for Week 6 sleepers for his first-place fantasy team, he writes for 643ball.com. Follow Heath on the Twitter @hgarrison643 for daily tweets.

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