Week 6 TE Rankings — Sponsored by SKYLLZONE

Week 6 TE Rankings

The good news for Jimmy Graham’s Fantasy owners is that you weren’t going to be able to use him this week in your lineups anyway, since the Saints are on a bye week. So these Week 6 TE rankings don’t change much because of his shoulder injury.

However, there is some movement in these rankings, as we see more jostling for position in the middle of the rankings, as guys like Dwayne Allen and Heath Miller push their way toward the front.

Some tight ends, though, are hurting owners more than they are helping, including players like Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed, whose injuries are giving their owners more problems than points.

Defenses vs. Tight Ends in 2014

We like to use the “Defenses vs. Pos” stats from CBSSports.com. Basically, this tool tells you the average points per position a defense gives up.

The five toughest defenses against tight ends so far this year include:

  • Falcons: 3.40 Fantasy pts allowed to TEs per game — They still haven’t given up a touchdown pass to a tight end yet this season.
  • Giants: 4.00 – The 3.20 catches per game they’re giving up to tight ends is the lowest in the NFL.
  • Saints: 4.20 — The 34.00 receiving yards per game they’re giving up to tight ends is the lowest in the NFL.
  • Ravens: 4.80 – They’ve really locked this position down ever since they gave up three touchdowns to Julius Thomas in Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season.
  • Packers: 5.00 – They have not allowed a TD catch to a tight end yet, but they are giving up over 51 receiving yards per game, which ranks among the top half in that category.

The five softest defenses against tight ends this year include:

  • Cowboys: 14.80 Fantasy pts allowed to TEs per game – The only team to allow more touchdowns per game (1.20) to tight ends this year is the Seahawks.
  • Jaguars: 13.00 – Also giving up one touchdown per game this season to tight ends.
  • Bengals: 12.00 – They’re allowing over eight catches and close to 100 receiving yards per game to tight ends this season – worst in the NFL.
  • Colts: 11.80 – The 15.70 yards per catch they’re giving up to tight ends is the worst in the league.
  • Cardinals: 11.50 – With Patrick Peterson hovering on one corner, offenses are choosing to throw up the seam to tight ends a lot against Arizona.

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Week 6 TE Rankings

These tight end rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy leagues with six points per touchdown.

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Are there some tight ends you think we have too high or too low in our Week 6 TE Rankings? We want to help our readers, so your comments on these tight end rankings can give them an added perspective and we definitely welcome that!

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