Week 7 DST Rankings — Sponsored by SKYLLZONE

Week 7 DST Rankings

We’re three weeks into the world of bye weeks, which means a lot of us have had to cut defenses we like in order to pick up a defense that’s not on a bye. Our Week 7 DST rankings are just two teams short this week, as the Buccaneers and Eagles will have their bye weeks.

Obviously, the Buccaneers defense has been a huge disappointment, making both Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano laugh heartily. The Eagles DST, however, has turned into a solid fantasy unit, just one year after being one you hoped your fantasy players faced.

If your league has deeper rosters, and you are able to hold onto a pair of defenses, then you should start considering pickups that are a week ahead. Basically, you can start streaming defenses, so that you have a great DST matchup every week.

Streaming DSTs For the Next 3 Weeks

The following are Fantasy DSTs that are owned in fewer than 40-percent of CBSSports.com’s leagues.

(Side note: Always go by CBS’ ownership percentages. ESPN and Yahoo! have way too many leagues filled with casual Fantasy fans, so their percentages are always skewed. For instance, a quick look at one of the top waiver-wire targets this week, Isaiah Crowell, is owned in 10 percent of ESPN leagues, 19 percent of Yahoo! leagues, and 33 percent of CBS leagues. They’re ahead of the curve because they’re mostly paying to play at this site.)

Week 7 QB Rankings, SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine Points GameWeek 7 – Browns DST (at JAC)

Week 8 – Dolphins (at JAC), Buccaneers (vs. MIN), Vikings (at TB)

Week 9 – Redskins (at MIN), Browns (vs. TB)

Week 10 – Cowboys (at JAC), Falcons (at TB)

Remember that in both Weeks 9 and 10, there will be six teams on byes, so the pickings will be slim. Get your DSTs a week or two early for those weeks!

We also look at the Average Draft Position over at blog.SKYLLZONE.com. This site holds thousands of instant snake drafts a day (for free, sign up!) for each week. (If you win on SKYLLZONE.com, you get SKYLL Points, and then you use those to play in free cash games. Draft once a day in the Points games for free.)

Download the free draft app on iTunes, or just draft off your computer. You draft against nine computers instead of the sharks on some of the other Daily Fantasy Football sites.
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Week 7 DST Rankings

These rankings are based on standard Fantasy leagues that award points to defense/special teams for sacks, interceptions, fumbles recovered, yards allowed and points allowed.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Let us know if there’s Defense/Special teams unit you like/hate that we have ranked too high or too low in our Week 7 DST Rankings!



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