Week 8 QB Rankings — The Up or Down Game!

Up or Down game - Week 8 QB Rankings

[cue game show music] Welcome back for another edition of “The Up or Down Game” with the Week 8 QB Rankings! [cue applause] I’m usually playing this game with my blood pressure whenever I talk to the wife! [cue canned laughter]

The way this game works is we look at the current Fantasy quarterback rankings based on their Fantasy points per game, and we decide if they will go “up” in the rankings by season’s end or “down.” [cue audience saying, “Ooohh”]

If we correctly figure these rankings out, you’ll win a spot in your Fantasy league’s playoffs, a year’s worth of Rice-a-Roni and an autographed picture from my Uncle Chuck!

He’s barely literate, so those autographs are super rare! [cue uncomfortable laughter with a few gasps]

Quarterbacks Fantasy PPG Through Week 7

We’re only counting the top 30 quarterbacks in Fantasy PPG this season. You can either say “UP” if you think their FPPG stats will improve and raise their ranking, or you can say “DOWN” if you think they’ll drop. You can also just say nothing, which means you think they’ll stay near their current ranking.

  1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis, 29.5 Fantasy PPG
  2. Peyton Manning, Denver, 27.4
  3. Russell Wilson, Seattle, 25.8 – DOWN – This duo-threat thing Wilson has going on now is great for Fantasy, but it’s endangering the offense’s leader. This can’t keep up.
  4. Philip Rivers, San Diego, 24.1 – DOWN – His targets include a rookie running back that’s going to be replaced by Ryan Mathews soon, a sophomore receiver that’s having a down year, a 35-year-old tight end, a good return man, and a nine-year veteran that’s never caught more than 56 balls in a season (Malcom Floyd).
  5. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 23.4 – UP – When you have Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, you’re a top-three quarterback. Unless your name is Matt Flynn!
  6. Jay Cutler, Chicago, 22.7
  7. Drew Brees, New Orleans, 22.5 – UP – He has four 300-yard games and five consecutive games with two touchdown passes. He’s quietly having another great year.
  8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta, 22.0
  9. Carson Palmer, Arizona, 22.0
  10. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco, 21.6
  11. Cam Newton, Carolina, 21.3
  12. Joe Flacco, Baltimore, 20.9
  13. Kyle Orton, Buffalo, 20.5 – DOWN – No running game could give Orton more chances to throw, but it’s tough to imagine him as a top-12 Fantasy QB.
  14. Tony Romo, Dallas, 20.5 – UP – DeMarco Murray can’t keep up the pace, and an injury is more likely than not in his future, which means more throwing for Romo.
  15. Ryan Tannehill, Miami, 20.1
  16. Matthew Stafford, Detroit, 20.0 – UP – Having a healthy Calvin Johnson (ankle) can usually cure what ails you.
  17. Nick Foles, Philadelphia, 20.0
  18. Kirk Cousins, Washington, 19.8 – DOWN – RGIII is returning soon.
  19. Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants, 19.6 – DOWN – Victor Cruz is not returning soon.
  20. Tom Brady, New England, 19.5 – UP – After throwing just four touchdown passes (2 INT) in his first four games, the ship has been righted, and Brady has tossed nine TD passes (0 INT) in his past three games.
  21. Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay, 19.1
  22. Alex Smith, Kansas City, 19.0
  23. Austin Davis, St. Louis, 18.4 – DOWN – Only because there are a few behind him that should pass him up.
  24. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh, 18.3 – UP – Just two games so far with more than one touchdown pass. Big Ben has games later this season against the Jets, Bengals and Saints. They all rank 25th or worse against quarterbacks.
  25. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo, 17.5
  26. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati, 17.1 – A healthy A.J. Green forgives many transgressions.
  27. Jake Locker, Tennessee, 16.7
  28. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville, 16.5 – UP – The running game and offensive line is still a question mark, but the more time Bortles gets with his young wide receiver, the better he’ll be.
  29. Brian Hoyer, Cleveland, 16.5
  30. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Houston, 15.7

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Week 8 QB Rankings

These rankings are based on standard Fantasy leagues with four points per touchdown and minus-one point for interceptions.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Let us know which sleepers you like in the Week 8 QB Rankings that we might have gotten wrong! Did we rank your starter too low? Your backup too high?


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