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101 Fantasy Baseball Tips for 99 cents! What’s the Catch!?!

Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook

So you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda AWOL from this site for a few weeks. Basically, I’ve been keeping my rankings updated and posting a mock draft here and there, but there’s no getting around it – I’ve been … elsewhere. I’ve actually been writing, editing, formatting and promoting an e-book called, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips,” with over 50 other writers.

Do you feel bad now for thinking I was just slacking!?!

So here’s the deal with this book. It’s 101 Fantasy tips, ranging from Draft Tips, to Auction Tips, to Rotisserie Tips, to Head-to-Head Tips, to End-Game Tips, to Trading Tips, to Waiver Tips, to FAAB Tips and more! … I’m out of breath.

There are 101 tips in 12 categories written by 59 different Fantasy Baseball writers from 37 great Fantasy sites, like,, Yahoo! Sports,,, and

Oh. Did I mention – all of this for just 99 cents!?!

Yeah, that’s right. Couch change!

Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook

101 Fantasy Baseball Tips Writers

Here’s the list of writers in the e-book, with their websites and Twitter accounts. The guys I note as “Friends” are actually not writers at all, but they are part of my Fave Four Fantasy Friends. They are non-writers I’ve played in several leagues with that I asked to share some of their insight.

You can follow all of these guys, as well as myself @DavidGonos on the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” writers Twitter list I started.

Ron Shandler,, @RonShandler

Derek Van Riper,, @DerekVanRiper

Joe Sheehan,, @Joe_Sheehan

Eric Mack,, @EricMackFantasy

Steve Gardner,, @SteveAGardner

Jason Collette,,, @JasonCollette

Andy Behrens, Yahoo!, @andybehrens

Garrett Greeby,, @FantasyRundown

Will Carroll,, @InjuryExpert

Adam Ronis,, @AdamRonis

Lawr Michaels,, @LawrMichaels

Peter Kreutzer,, @Kroyte

Ian Riley,, @Ian_Riley

Kyle Elfrink, Sirius XM Radio

Greg Ambrosius, Stats LLC, @gregambrosius

Cory Schwartz,, @Schwartzstops

Gene McCaffrey,, @Gene2323

Paul Greco,, @PaulGreco

Eno Sarris,, @enosarris

Matthew Pouliot,, @matthewpouliot

Nick Raducanu,, @FantasyTrade411

Doug Dennis,, @DougDennis41

Mike Lombardo,

Jake Ciely,, @allinkid

Alan Harrison,, @TheFantasyFix

Pat Mayo,, @ThePME

Albert Lang,, @AlbertLeRoi

Chris Liss,, @Chris_Liss

Mike Gianella,, @mikegianella

Nando Di Fino,, @nandocbs

Derek Carty,, @DerekCarty

Dave Gawron,, @eXpertLeagues

Brian Flood, FRIEND, @BrianSFlood

Jake Payton, FRIEND

Scott Swanay,, @Fantasy_Sherpa

Seth Trachtman,, @sethRoto

Ray Guilfoyle,, @FakeTeams

Patrick DiCaprio,, @pdicaprioFP911

Zach Steinhorn,, @ZachMLB

Nicholas Minnix,, @NicholasMinnix

Daniel Dobish,, @danieledobish
101 Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook
Bret Sayre,, @dynastyguru

Mike Siano,, @Fantasy411

Corey Guerrera, FRIEND, @the_Boog

Marc Griffis,, @FantasySharks

Kurt Turner,, @_knuckleheads

Fred Zinkie,, @fredzinkie

Johan Lang,, @tradedebate

Paul Sporer,, @sporer

Scott Engel,, @ScottERotoEx

Ray Flowers,, @BaseballGuys

Tim Heaney,, @Tim_Heaney

Jeff Barton,, @JeffScoreSheet

Charlie Wiegert,, @GFFantasySports

Jon Aisner,, @theFantasyBums

Dan Curran, FRIEND, @yetivedder

Howard Bender,, @RotoBuzzGuy

Brett Talley,, @TheRealTAL

As I mentioned, you can follow all of them, as well as me @DavidGonos on the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” writers Twitter list I started.


How was the sale job I did on you? Have you bought it yet? Didn’t you just use 99 cents to wipe your butt with!?! … You should have used a dollar bill for that.

101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” for 99 cents. Enjoy!

David Gonos spent 5 years as a Senior Fantasy Writer and three more years writing with Over the past 17 years, his work has been published on,, FanDuel, and USA Today. Since 2001, he has been tracking down the Top 50-plus Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools online. You can contact David Gonos here.

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