Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Player vs. Player

Coke or Pepsi? Boxers or briefs? Athlete’s foot or jock itch? Everyone has their preference, but when it comes to Fantasy Football, the wrong choice could cost you a championship. What we decided to do is help you figure out these tough Fantasy Football Draft Day decisions by offering up our own analysis of each “Player vs. Player” breakdown. I polled several Fantasy writers from a handful of different sites. After all, looking at player rankings can only help you so much. To hear why a player should be picked higher than this other player is much more helpful.


Player vs. Player Comparisons




ELI MANNING vs. TONY ROMO’s J.J. Zachariason’s Take: I’m not a fan of early or middle-round quarterbacks, but if I had to choose between these two guys, I go Romo.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas -- Fantasy Football Draft ComparisonsHistorically, Eli hasn’t been much of a Fantasy producer. In standard leagues, he has ranked higher than 10th just twice in his career. And the highest he finished was fifth in 2005, when quarterback competition, from a numbers perspective, was lacking.

Tony Romo, on the other hand, has more upside. He was the second best Fantasy quarterback in 2007, only behind the record breaking Tom Brady. He’s thrown for 25 or more touchdowns in every full season played, whereas Eli has done this in just three of his seven years starting.

Overall, I’m not a fan of drafting either because of the cost you’d have to pay. After all, you can wait three or four more rounds and get someone like Carson Palmer or Matt Schaub. And, while you’re waiting on your quarterback, you can add depth on your team, creating more overall value. The difference in points scored between the middle-round quarterbacks to the late-round ones will be minimal. History tells us that.




JAY CUTLER vs. ROBERT GRIFFIN III’s Bob Harris’ Take: I’ve recently (as in after watching both the Redskins’ and Bears’ preseason openers) evolved on this one. Up until last week, I was looking for a very solid — perhaps even top-10 season — from Cutler. This in the wake of a series offseason moves all made to benefit the QB. Clearly the decision to ditch Mike Martz and promote Mike Tice to offensive coordinator was a sign the team understood Cutler needed some help. The addition of former Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall and QBs coach Jeremy Bates added to that vibe. The selection of Alshon Jeffery in April’s draft seemed to seal the deal. All systems appeared to be go …

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