66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Jul 23

66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Fantasy Football is a strange topic. With most things, like real sports or politics or news, one can seek one source or one site and be informed enough to go about their business. But with Fantasy Football, people want as many sources sharing their opinion as possible. That’s why following these top 66 Fantasy Football Twitter accounts will make your Fantasy Football life better.

UPDATE: I recently wrote a similar post for Fantasy Baseball — “99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow,” enjoy!

Obviously, there are several NFL insiders that are on “the Twitter” and following them is an absolute must for Fantasy Football owners. I’ll add them to the bottom of this list because you most likely already follow them. The following is basically a list of Twitter accounts owned by individual Fantasy writers. I’ve worked side-by-side with many of them, and I’ve done mock drafts with many others. Some — I’ve only read and admired as a fan!

One thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m proud to connect and gather the works of many different Fantasy sites and writers. This list is one example, as is my list of the Top 13 FREE Fantasy Football Tools You Must Use. If you see something out there you like, shoot me a note!

Once you’ve followed these writers, feel free to ask them a question. I spoke with several of them a few weeks ago and they explained how to get their attention and the best way get your Fantasy Football questions answered.


Top 31 (+5) Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts


Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports: @AndyBehrens – Andy is the guy you want your sister to marry: Nice, clean-cut, charming – and talks about Fantasy Sports all the time. And I think his Uncle owns a liquor store or something.

Stephania Bell of ESPN.com: @Stephania_Bell – ESPN’s injury analyst. I met her a couple years ago and came away very impressed by a woman working in a predominantly male industry. I’d say 80-percent of Fantasy Football writers have no idea what it’s like to go full pads on a football team.

Matthew Berry - Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Matthew Berry — ESPN.com

Matthew Berry of ESPN.com: @MatthewBerryTMR – Without question, the biggest name in Fantasy Sports. Quality Fantasy infotainment 140 characters at a time. He told me that he gets over 30,000 tweets a month during football season, and he explains here what he looks for when someone asks him a Fantasy question.

Sigmund Bloom of FootballGuys.com: @SigmundBloom – Been a huge fan of FootballGuys since their Cheatsheets.net days.

Cory Bonini and Ryan Bonini of KFFL.com — @CoryKFFL@RyanBonini – The KFFL Brothers are strong with the Twitter force.

Jake Ciely of RotoExperts.com: @AllinKid – Great in writing, great on Sirius/XM Radio and great on Twitter. He also says he’s great in poker, hence the “All In Kid” tag. Despite that fact, you should follow him anyway.

Jay Clemons of BleacherReport.com: @ATL_JayClemons — Initially missed adding him to this list as an oversight. I’ve been following Jay for years and have always enjoyed his work. Nice mix of entertaining and informative. If only there was a word for that — I know, “enterformative”!!!!

Tristan Cockroft -- Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Tristan Cockcroft — ESPN

Tristan Cockcroft of ESPN.com: @SultanofStat – Another one of my biggest mentors in the early 2000s with ESPN. Definitely has the ability to take a step back and look at a Fantasy game analytically.

Matt De Lima of 4for4.com: @MattKDelima– Wrote with me at OPENSports.com a couple years ago and I’ve always been impressed by him.

Jim Day of FantasyTaz.com: @FantasyTaz – The short form analysis is Day’s bread and butter. Made his name by being a reliable/informative Fantasy Twitterererer.

Dexter’s Library of DextersLibrary.com: @Dexters_Library – The guy’s funny!

Daniel Dobish of RotoExperts.com, KFFL and Vegas Insider: @DanielEDobish  — I’ve worked with him at three different companies for nearly 10 years now. He’s absolutely the hardest working guy in the Fantasy business. Oh, and he used to pitch on my softball team and he got drunk and drank a bottle of vinegar. The end.

David Dodds of FootballGuys.com: @FBG_Dodds– Fantasy talk from one of the FBG founding fathers.

Frank DuPont of FantasyDouche.com: @FantasyDouche – You really want to NOT like him, but you CAN’T! Solid, thoughtful analysis.

Jamey Eisenberg  -- Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Jamey Eisenberg — CBSSports

Jamey Eisenberg of CBSSports.com: @JameyEisenberg – He’s the right fielder on our Maguire’s softball team … Oh yeah, and he writes about Fantasy Football 24/7. As much as he tries to answer everyone’s questions, it’s still difficult to get to all of them. But it seems that asking him questions on Twitter is a better way to get an answer than through email,only because of the sheer volume.

I try to answer every email sent to me directly, which can be fun at times and challenging at others – except when you’re wrong, then it’s your fault they lost.” — Jamey Eisenberg, CBSSports.com

Scott Engel of RotoExperts.com: @ScottERotoEx – Scott was the main reason I got a chance to write for CBS SportsLine, and he currently manages the whole team at RotoExperts. Don’t judge him for being a Seahawks fan.

Forgotten Athlete Tweets -- Athletes Twitter Sports

“Top 10 Forgotten Athlete Tweets”

Michael Fabiano of NFL Network: @Michael_Fabiano– Buddy back from the CBS SportsLine days. He loves hair bands, Cowboys, Fantasy Football and quoting “Boy Meets World.” (Not really.)

Fantasy FB Pundit: @FantasyFBPundit – Finds a ton of great Fantasy articles and makes sure you find them too.

David Gonos of DavidGonos.com: @DavidGonos – Despite his burly good looks, combining the barrel chest of James Gandolfini and the spare tire of Kevin James, Gonos delivers good stuff daily, when he’s not being a jackass.

Chet Gresham of TheFakeFootball.com: @Chet_G – Has proven to be one of the top Twitter guys in Fantasy. And he has easily become one of my favorites.

Jeff Haseley of FootballGuys.com: @JeffHaseley – Hardcore Twitterererer with 21 tweets in the past 12 hours.

Eric Karabell of ESPN.com: @KarabellESPN — I’m pretty sure he’s the most senior Fantasy writer at ESPN, and he deserves a great amount of respect from the Fantasy world.

Bob Lung of FFConsistency.com: @FFConsistency – Quality stat-head with some keen insights.

Eric Mack  -- Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Eric Mack — SI.com

Eric Mack of SportsIllustrated.com: @EricMackFantasy– Speaking of Maguire’s softball, Emack’s our shortstop! And he’ll answer every one of your Fantasy Football questions. Don’t judge him by his wolfman-like profile picture.

Eric Olinger of DynastyLeagueFootball.com: @OlingerIDPGuru – IDP guys are a different breed – and Olinger caters to them nicely.

Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports: @Scott_Pianowski – Overall good dude that has been in the Fantasy industry for quite some time now.

Dave Richard -- Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Dave Richard — CBSSports.com

Dave Richard of CBSSports.com: @DaveRichard – Former co-worker of mine figured out Twitter quicker than most. The number of his Twitter followers barely outnumbers the number of lunches he eats each day. (OK, he lost weight and is skinny now, but he used to be my co-fat guy at CBSSports.com.)

Nate Ravitz of ESPN.com: @NateRavitz – Like many of us, Nate has great dual-eligibility in both baseball and football. Always enjoyed him with Matthew Berry on their podcasts.

Evan Silva of ProFootballTalk and RotoWorld: @EvanSilva – One of the top names in the industry.

Chris Wesseling of RotoWorld.com: @ChrisWesseling – Any guy with Rodney Dangerfield as his profile pic is all right by me.

Joe Bryant of FootballGuys.com: @Football_Guys — Pretty much laid the groundwork for every non-major-media Fantasy website from 2001 forward.


LATE ADDITIONS: These are guys that slipped through the cracks because I used to eat paint chips as a kid. Readers set me straight though!

Bob Harris of FootballDiehards.com: @FootballDiehard — After posting this article, I realized later that night that I forgot to put Harris in here. He’s not only old school, he’s the guy old school guys love.

Nathan Zegura of CBSSports.com: @NathanZegura — We didn’t overlap in our time at CBS, but the fella has nearly 10K in followers, so he’s doing something right.

Paul Charchian of LeagueSafe.com: @PaulCharchian — We worked together at OPEN Sports when he did video for us. Always a solid video guy and just a nice guy in general. I can’t be the only guy to ever have thought he looked like a real-life version of Linus from Peanuts though, can I?

Chris Liss of RotoWire.com: @Chris_Liss — Another oversight on my part. Despite the fact his name rhymes with itself (I should have been named Adonis Gonos), Liss is a two-sport stud writer.

Paul Greco of FP911Challenge.com: @PaulGreco — Greco’s awesome. Two of the most memorable interviews I had were with Mr. Greco. Once, he had me for a 30-minute podcast I think, grilled me about my thoughts on the upcoming 2008 Fantasy Football season — and then emailed me to tell me they lost the video!  The second time, I was drunk at Foley’s on Tout Wars weekend in New York, and Emack and I had just got done yelling at the douchey guy that was hitting on  Jenn Sterger. Good times!



27 More Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to Follow

All of the people below are also certainly worth following on Twitter; I just don’t have an interesting story about them or their past. But they’re Fantasy Football writers – which automatically means they’re pretty good peeps!

Andy Benoit of FootballOutsiders.com: @AndyBenoit

Jene Bramel of FootballGuys.com: @JeneBramel

Jeff Brubach of TheFakeFootball.com: @OrangeBru

Matt Camp of FantasyGuru.com: @TheMattCamp

Mike Clay of ProFootballFocus and Rotoworld: @MikeClayNFL

Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld.com: @RotoPat

Alen Dumonjic of Bleacher Report: @Dumonjic_Alen

Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports: @YahooNoise

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports: @SC_DougFarrar

Shane Hallam of DraftCountdown.com: @ShanePHallam

John Halpin of FoxSports.com: @JHalpin37

Andrea Hangst of BleacherReport.com: @FBALL_Andrea

Daniel Jeremiah of NFLNetwork.com: @MoveTheSticks

Austin Jordan of NFLVR.com: @AustinDJordan

Scott Kacsmar of CaptainComeback.Wordpress.com: @CaptainComeback

Zach Law of BleacherReport.com: @Zach_Law

A.J. Mass of ESPN.com: @AJMass

Rivers McCown of FootballOutsiders.com: @FO_RiversMcCown

Andy Miley of FantasyAlarm.com: @AndrewMiley

John Paulsen of 4for4.com: @4for4_John

Matt Pomeroy of NFL Network: @MattPomPom

Brian Quinlan of RosterWatch.com: @BNQuinlan

Rumford Johnny of 2MugsFF.com: @RumfordJohnny

SidelineFB of TheSidelineView.com: @SidelineFB

Jason Smith of NFL Network: @HowAboutAFresca

Jody Smith of GridironExperts.com: @JodySmith_

Sports_Vault of SportsVau.lt: @Sports_Vault

TraderX of FantasyTrade411.com: @FantasyTrade411

John Tuvey of TheHuddle.com: @JTuvey

Lance Zierlein of TheSidelineView.com: @LanceZierlein


Seven NFL Insiders on Twitter

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports: @JasonLaCanfora

John Clayton (@ClaytonESPN), Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) and Chris Mortensen (@MortReport) of ESPN

Jay Glazer of FOX Network: @JayGlazer

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network: @MichaelLombardi

Peter King of Sports Illustrated: @SI_PeterKing


David Gonos -- Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

David Gonos — DavidGonos.com

So hopefully, you’ve found a few new Fantasy Football writers to follow. I promise they’ll deliver some helpful advice to you this season. If they don’t, please send all complaints to @EricMackFantasy. I also plan on doing an article that looks at the Fantasy News Twitter accounts, which are a little different than the writer’s accounts shown above, since they are personality-less and sent automatically through a content management system.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, @DavidGonos, where I’ll be dispensing Fantasy advice,  links to articles (mine and theirs), tools and websites that I enjoy … Oh, and the occasional random story about food or dumb people.

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  1. Adam /

    Also an interesting one is Mike Dente @1stStopFantasy. Newer website Firststopfantasy.com

  2. Carlos /

    Man how do you not have Paul Greco on this list man. The guy won the Expert Challenge last year and finished 2nd in the FantasyPros Accuracy Challenge beating all these guys you have on the list. Helped me win $5,000 too with his twitter account

    • Excellent point! That shall be remedied immediately! He had me on the radio a few times — good times!

  3. Harold /

    Was looking around Twitter and found @TrainingCampNFL , pretty good for training camp news

  4. Daniel E. Dobish /

    This list is amazing. It just makes it that much harder to compete in our leagues now, as nothing will be secret. Great work as usual.

    • Thanks, dude. Looking forward to hearing about your Browns this year. Should be an interesting group to follow for a few years.

      • Daniel E. Dobish /

        I’ve already posted more comments than they’ll have wins – lol

  5. Ian Riley /

    I may just have add all these to a single list to ensure that you never have a chance at beating me in a Fantasy league! Now what to call it…..

  6. Great resource column. Thanks!

    My personal favorite is Gregg Rosenthal – formerly of Rotoworld, now of NFL.com. @greggrosenthal

    • I originally had him in there, but grumpy Jay Clemons said Rosenthal doesn’t write Fantasy anymore, so I took him out. Glad you added him back on!

  7. Kevin /

    Looking forward to the Fantasy News Twitter account list. Any idea when that’ll be coming out?

  8. No love for tradedebate Dave?

  9. bmcclure /

    It would be convenient for your readers if you would make a public Twitter “list” containing all these people… so we can easily add it to our Twitter-roll!

  10. I’m new to the game, but trying to turn out original articles that counterpoint the main yahoo, espn type stuff. Making this list is a new goal of mine. Until then you can check out the ‘Fantasy Football Thursday Night Throwback’ twitter here: https://twitter.com/FFTNT and follow the link to the the blog for more articles.

  11. Daniel E. Dobish /

    I think you should find two more writers, and make this ’68 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts…’ in honor of Richie Incognito – lol


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