66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Fantasy Football is a strange topic. With most things, like real sports or politics or news, one can seek one source or one site and be informed enough to go about their business. But with Fantasy Football, people want as many sources sharing their opinion as possible. That’s why following these top 66 Fantasy Football Twitter accounts will make your Fantasy Football life better.

UPDATE: I recently wrote a similar post for Fantasy Baseball — “99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow,” enjoy!

Obviously, there are several NFL insiders that are on “the Twitter” and following them is an absolute must for Fantasy Football owners. I’ll add them to the bottom of this list because you most likely already follow them. The following is basically a list of Twitter accounts owned by individual Fantasy writers. I’ve worked side-by-side with many of them, and I’ve done mock drafts with many others. Some — I’ve only read and admired as a fan!

One thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m proud to connect and gather the works of many different Fantasy sites and writers. This list is one example, as is my list of the Top 13 FREE Fantasy Football Tools You Must Use. If you see something out there you like, shoot me a note!

Once you’ve followed these writers, feel free to ask them a question. I spoke with several of them a few weeks ago and they explained how to get their attention and the best way get your Fantasy Football questions answered.


Top 31 (+5) Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts


Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports: @AndyBehrens – Andy is the guy you want your sister to marry: Nice, clean-cut, charming – and talks about Fantasy Sports all the time. And I think his Uncle owns a liquor store or something.

Stephania Bell of ESPN.com: @Stephania_Bell – ESPN’s injury analyst. I met her a couple years ago and came away very impressed by a woman working in a predominantly male industry. I’d say 80-percent of Fantasy Football writers have no idea what it’s like to go full pads on a football team.

Matthew Berry - Top 65 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Matthew Berry — ESPN.com

Matthew Berry of ESPN.com: @MatthewBerryTMR – Without question, the biggest name in Fantasy Sports. Quality Fantasy infotainment 140 characters at a time. He told me that he gets over 30,000 tweets a month during football season, and he explains here what he looks for when someone asks him a Fantasy question.

Sigmund Bloom of FootballGuys.com: @SigmundBloom – Been a huge fan of FootballGuys since their Cheatsheets.net days.

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