2013 Fantasy Football All-Risk Team: Quarterbacks

Colin Kaepernick, Week 1 QB Rankings

There are all kinds of strategies to assembling a fantasy football team, but an approach I seem to find myself sticking to across all fantasy sports is ensuring to balance my high risk picks with what I consider safe and reliable options.

For the purpose of this 2013 Fantasy Football All-Risk Team, players who aren’t projected to be starters at their positions based on FantasyPros consensus rankings and standard league roster formats aren’t included.

For example, we all know that Michael Vick boasts tremendous upside, but is also easily one of the riskiest options behind center. Because he isn’t currently projected as a starter he isn’t included on this list.

2013 Fantasy Football All-Risk Team: QB | RB | WR TE

2013 Fantasy Football All-Reliable Team: QBRB | WR TE


2013 Fantasy Football All-Risk Team: Quarterbacks


Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

Firstly, what Kaepernick did down the stretch last season was remarkable. The comeback he led in the NFC Championship game and near Super Bowl comeback showcased his high-end real and fake football talent and seemingly limitless potential.

But, there will be no surprises this time around and Kaepernick is now without his favorite target. There are also the obvious concerns about Harbourgh’s willingness to implement a conservative game plan and rely on the running game and the Niners top tier defense.

Those 2 concerns, coupled with his current 7th ADP among QBs and the inherent injury risks of him scrambling outside of the pocket make him a risky pick, although the upside is unquestioned.


Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

I’m going to cheat a little here, because at RGIII’s current ADP he should be targeted, but you would be wise to select another QB reasonably high for security.

He was a fake football force immediately last season and is recovering from his right knee injury in All Day style, yet still might start training camp on the PUP list. A mere mention of a setback could push him even further down draft boards, potentially increasing his fantasy value, but also highlighting the risk involved in selecting Robert Griffin III.

Finally, the whole strategy of drafting another QB for insurance uses up a draft pick, which could be better utilized on an impact wideout or a potential breakout running back. But are you drafting RGIII without a backup plan, you know, in the case of a setback, or if he re-injures his knee, or as mentioned above with Kaepernick, suffers another injury based on his playing style?

I would advise not.

Updated Thoughts on Fantasy Quarterbacks


In the All-Reliable Team breakdown, I suggested that the top 15 QBs could potentially be divided into just 3 tiers.

Since, I have been doing some drafts, auctions and mocks and have found that there is some big upside in the middle rounds. Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan are slipping into that range and if you feel confidently about your running backs and wideouts you can pounce.

Further, depending on your settings and fellow league owners you could also find a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning falling into your lap in the 4th round too. The Late Round QB craze has become relatively mainstream, which took awhile, consider it was a strategy I remember being promoted in 1998.

So as it stands now, my approach at QB is very fluid. When you see the best value for a signal caller take him. That could mean Matthew Stafford in the 7th Round, Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd, or Eli Manning in the 11th, but you shouldn’t be stubbornly committed to a game plan if opportunity arises.


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