Top Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Free Fantasy Football draft tools are my favorite kinds of Fantasy Football draft tools. I’ve been playing this game for over 20 years, in an estimated 110 different drafts –- and my opponents are smarter than ever before. You have to stay ahead of the competition, and these tools are meant to help you do that.

But it’s not always easy to have your eyes on every Fantasy site out there, which is why you’ve got me!

I recently updated my Top 33 FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Must Use, for this year, so check that out.

You understand, of course, that there are many sites with similar free Fantasy Football draft tools, in which case, I just pick my favorite, and the one I think you’ll get the most from – and why.

Finally, here’s a link to my Top 12 Fantasy Football Draft Tools You WISH Existed. I do expect these wishes to come true someday!


Top 5 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

(NOTE: If you have or know of some great free Fantasy Football Draft Tools that I haven’t listed, contact me and let me know! Whether it’s your site, or a site you love to use, let us know what we’re missing! You’re also welcome to post a comment below, of course.)


1. FantasyRundown.com’s Daily Article Discoveries

Goose has his eye on the industry, finding the best Fantasy Football articles on tons of sites every day. He updates this stuff throughout the day, so you’ll end up coming back here several times.

My favorite part about his listings is that he doesn’t just grab a link and throw it up there. You can get that from an RSS feed or from Twitter. Goose goes in, checks the article out, and explains why this article will be beneficial to you and your Fantasy Football team.

Consider him your assistant general manager, finding out all the great little pieces of information you need to read about.

FantasyRundown.com - Top Free Fantasy Football Tools

2. DraftWizard Mock Draft Simulator

You’re welcome.

(That’s me seeing into the future, after you’ve thanked me for sending you to one of the most powerful free Fantasy Football draft tools you’ll ever come across.)

“The Draft Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. It’s similar to doing a live mock draft except that you’re drafting against our computer algorithm (which uses a random selection of expert cheat sheets and ADP sources).”

Before I get too far into this tool, and you think it’s too involved, let me assure you – you can shoot through a mock draft as fast as you want. Don’t believe me?

Boom. I just did a Fantasy Football mock draft in – less than five minutes.

Let me walk you through what happens:

  1. You set up your league size, starting lineups and your draft position.
  2. You then make your first pick.
  3. They suggest four or five players to you based on expert consensus rankings, but you will also see a cheat sheet underneath those players, and you can draft whomever you want.
  4. Once you click on that player, it shows you the Expert Consensus percentage on that player being picked at that spot. The lower the percentage, the fewer experts that would take him there.
  5. You click “Draft,” then the draft continues to the second round. Once again, it suggests multiple players, and you can see their percentage of experts that might take him there.
  6. Your roster is set off to the right side, the full draft is listed on the left and you can click, “Roster Watch,” to see everyone’s picks.
  7. Want to try a different strategy? Start over, by clicking the “Start Over” button.
  8. Want to try a different strategy – on that pick you just made? Click the “Revert Previous Pick” button.

Without question, this thing is a beast – and this beast is working for you. If your mouse broke after going to this site, you’d still dominate your draft.


3. FantasyPros.com’s Experts Consensus Rankings

The guys at FantasyPros.com know what they’re doing and they understand their audience. Readers want as much info as possible, as easily accessible as possible. So what they’ve done is – collate the rankings of over 35 different Fantasy Football writers, into one table.

You get the updated expert rankings from awesome writers from major media sites, like Andy Behrens and Brandon Funston of Yahoo! Sports, Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard of CBSSports.com, and Matthew Berry and Eric Karabell of ESPN.com.

You’ll also get the updated expert rankings from awesome writers from some smaller (yet still highly respected) Fantasy Football sites, like Chet Gresham of TheFakeFootball.com, Tony Mauriello of FantasyTrade411.com, and Kyle Wachtel of ForensicFantasy.com.


4. MyFantasyLeague.com’s ADP History

If you’ve visited my site before, you know that I love Fantasy Football history. I have magazines dating back to 1992 and I have the newsletters I used to send out to my original league dating back to 1989.

The ADP history on MyFantasyLeague.com, which happens to be one of my favorite places to draft every year, by the way, is a great tool to look through. Their ADP data goes all the way back to the late ‘90s, and you can totally see trends as they begin to develop. Trends like the dual-RB system in the mid-2000s, the dual-WR trend in the late 2000s, and now the TE-happy offenses of the early 2010s.

This site also has current ADP information for all types of scoring systems and leagues, and you can run free mock drafts here as well.


5. FootballGuys.com Depth Charts

There’s something to be said for a no-frills set of depth charts that breaks down the roster slots of every NFL team – all on one page. I hate having to click from team to team, or from division to division like some sites have.

Also, they’re color coded so you know who’s a definite starter, which players are situational players, like third-down running backs, slot wide receivers or nickelbacks. You’ll even be able to tell which players are only starting because of an injury to another player. Heck, they’ll even give you RFA or UFA information.


It’s always nice to get something free – especially when you normally would have paid for it. Hopefully, you’ll agree that these five free Fantasy Football draft tools will help you have a better team come Week 1.



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