2013 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 200 Overall

Randall Cobb, Week 1 WR Rankings

These 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings go 200 players deep, but you need to understand that a Fantasy owner should consider his own team needs from the top 60 or so players, rather than just go with the top-ranked player in these rankings. Or else — you’ll end up with like four quarterbacks.

Once an owner gets to Round 6, in a 12-team league, he could have dozens of combinations of players and positions already rostered, so what he needs is going to be different than most other owners.

But these top 200 overall players should give you a good start to your draft, and our 2013 position-by-position rankings should be able to help you go from there.

We’ll also take a quick look back at some Fantasy history to understand what we can expect in 2013.

Looking Back Before We Look Forward

Last year was certainly a crazy draft season, even before everything when even crazier once the season started. If you’ll recall, the first round of the draft was filled with questionable Fantasy picks like Darren McFadden, Ryan Mathews and even Trent Richardson.

Ray Rice, 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings

Ravens RB Ray Rice has averaged over 1,640 total yards and close to eight touchdowns over his five-year NFL career. Photo Credit: Addie Winbrow

At the very top of the food chain, we had superstars like Arian Foster, Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy, along with Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson. But after that, things were squirrely. People were reaching on running backs, taking other wide receivers and quarterbacks – and some were even grabbing Rob Gronkowski among the top 15 picks.

We had huge question marks coming into the season about Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles, both coming off of knee surgeries from the previous year. And looking a little deeper in the draft, we were really sold (especially me) on the healthy of Peyton Manning’s neck.

Happy Drafting in 2013

Your draft scenarios should be much happier this summer (at least until the injuries begin to pile up). Not only do we have mostly healthy running backs everywhere, and a handful of superstar quarterbacks and wide receivers, but we’re also looking at a deep first round that should have everyone happy.

What that means is a little more parity in your league, considering you aren’t starting the season with McFadden as your RB1, while someone else starts with Foster. You’ll have a very good running back if you want, too – even if you draft 12th.

2013 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 200

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Randall Cobb, 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings

Packers WR Randall Cobb should notch his first 1,000-yard season in 2013. Photo Credit: Elvis Kennedy

We’ll be updating these 2013 Fantasy Football rankings as news occurs throughout the offseason and preseason, so check back frequently.

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