2013 Fantasy Football PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

Reggie Wayne, 2014 WR Rankings

While many think of PPR wide receiver rankings as essentially the same rankings as non-PPR leagues, there are obviously some subtle differences.

In the past, we’d just aim for the slot receivers that were pulled as the team got in scoring position for an extra tight end. Or we’d target players that were on low-scoring offenses that did a lot between the 20-yard-lines, but frequently ended up with field goals.

Well, it’s true, some things never change.

Those actually are types of players you should consider as we enter draft season. While a touchdown is awesome, counting for seven points right off the bat (six, plus the catch), they are difficult to predict. Heck, even some of the best wide receivers are lucky to see the end zone 10 times in a season. (There were only nine wide receivers with 10 or more touchdowns last season.)

Calvin Johnson had one of the greatest seasons by a wide receiver – ever! And he only caught FIVE touchdowns last season.

So, you see, PPR wide receiver rankings have some nuances built in. We showcase a few wide receivers that we think should get more attention in PPR play than in other leagues.

Reggie Wayne, PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

Colts WR Reggie Wayne bounced back from a Peyton Manning-less 2011 to have a great Andrew Luck-y 2012, ranking fifth with 106 receptions.

For instance, Tavon Austin will be taking over in the slot for Danny Amendola, who went to New England to take over in the slot for Wes Welker, who went to Denver. In our non-PPR rankings, we have Austin ranked 38th, and the Experts Consensus Rankings have him at 37 (as of July 9). But in these PPR rankings, you’ll see that we have Austin bumped up to 30th.

We even bumped up Brandon Marshall over A.J. Green at the very top of the rankings because we believe Green will have more competition for catches, with the addition of RB Giovani Bernard and TE Tyler Eifert. And let’s not forget the return of a healthy Mohamed Sanu, who was targeted 19 times in the three games leading up to his foot injury.

Also, look for high-powered offenses that are on the field a lot. Think back to the Rams days, who were considered an offensive powerhouse with Kurt Warner at quarterback. Both Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt combined for just five seasons with 10 or more touchdown catches – in their career! Yet, both ended up with 80 or more receptions in a combined 12 seasons. This should tip you off for guys like Nate Burleson from the Lions, which set the NFL record for passes last season.

Remember, some wide receivers are out for the season due to injury, like Michael Crabtree (Achilles’), Jeremy Maclin (knee) and Danario Alexander (knee).

2013 PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

These 2013 PPR Wide Receiver rankings are for PPR leagues, starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DST. These rankings are powered by the fine folks at FantasyPros.com. The term “ECR” stands for “Experts Consensus Rankings,” which is an average ranking from over 35 Fantasy writers/websites.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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We hope these PPR Wide Receiver rankings end up helping you in your title quest, and be sure to check back frequently, as they will change as the offseason continues.

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