2013 IDP Rankings for Fantasy Football Leagues

Have you decided to dabble on the Dark Side and venture into IDP Fantasy Football? If so, here are your 2013 IDP Rankings, done by position and with a complete 195 Player Overall list.

It is a tough go in these IDP Leagues though friends, there really isn’t a set standard scoring system and with Offensive and Defensive players going at the same time in drafts it can be tricky. But, if you love the pigskin, get into an IDP League, make Palpatine happy, you know he is playing in an IDP League in a galaxy far, far away.

Also, please take note of the tips accompanying these 2013 IDP Rankings to help prepare your draft strategy and assemble a winning fake football team. These tips can be found in more depth in my article at The Fake Football: IDP: 3 Tips in the Dark Arts.


2013 IDP Rankings: The Wait is Great

You’re Defensive Back is not going to win you your Fantasy Football League. Most experts agree that waiting until at least the 8th round to take your first defensive player is a solid game plan.

2013 IDP Rankings

You know this guy wants you in his IDP League.

It would be excellent to boast a lineup with Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly, but is a Running Back duo of Ronnie Hillman and DeAngelo Williams good enough to win? I’d suggest not and although, the example is a bit extreme, the point is not to sacrifice offensive upside early in your draft to secure top defensive players.

Individual Defensive Players should be targeted late for the same reason that Quarterbacks and Tight Ends are. The point disparity between the best and the rest just isn’t that significant and there are always going to be potential streamers on the waiver wire.


2013 IDP Rankings: Predictability Counts

Ball Hawks and Sack Machines get the headlines, but wrapping up bodies and tossing them down will wrap up your weekly matchups. Counting on big plays can be risky, instead, fill your lineup with guys who consistently record tackles.

It isn’t that easy exactly, but we’ll get to that. Just know that defensive touchdowns, sacks and interceptions are more difficult to predict and forecast than tackles.

Linebackers are consistently going to produce the most fantasy points because of their high Tackle totals, while Linemen often have to rely on Sacks to accumulate points. Defensive Backs are tough to figure out, the best real DBs are fake busts, so I try to target Safeties.

If you’re about to flip a coin, go with the guy that will be near the football the most to register tackles.


The More You Know

As mentioned, there is no set standard scoring system for IDP Leagues. So, guess what? Knowing your scoring settings is as important as anything. Some IDP Leagues favor big plays, whereas others are weighted towards tackles. Draft accordingly.

Furthermore though and more in depth, keeping on top of defensive schemes and personnel packages is important. If you draft a Linebacker who never plays in Nickel packages you’re losing out on potential points.

Know your settings and know your player’s roles on their teams, sleeping on either will be detrimental.


2013 IDP Rankings

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

So why not take a trip on the Dark Side in 2013 and join an IDP League? You’ve got your 2013 IDP Rankings and a few tips to get you started. You might never return.

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