4 Veteran Fantasy Value Plays For 2013

Miles Austin, Week 3 Sleepers

The stock market is a lot like Fantasy Football. When a player’s value is at their lowest, it’s wise to invest in that stock, especially one that has nothing to lose. I have formulated a list of veterans that I believe are Fantasy value plays and whose stocks are relatively low.

Some of these players have had breakout seasons before and formidable careers, so we know they have the talent. They’ve just dropped in value in recent seasons for whatever reason.

My job here is to help you find bargains in your Fantasy Football drafts.

These are players that should be available in the mid-rounds of drafts and formidable every-week Fantasy options.

4 Fantasy Value Plays Among Veterans

To put it simply, I believe the hate for these players has gone too far.

Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

While this may seem like a big player to start with, his value is just off too low right now.

In most drafts, he is going in Round 6 or so. Stafford is one of the favorites every year to throw for the most yards. He is guaranteed to get a chance at 20 touchdown passes with Calvin Johnson, and he has stayed healthy recently, which was a problem early in his career. He hasn’t missed a single game over the past two seasons.

In most Fantasy leagues, you are required to play only one quarterback. If you can fill all your other starting spots and then get this guy in Round 6, it’s hard not to see a successful Fantasy season ahead.

Last year, he was the 12th-overall best player and in 2011, he was the fifth-best player in all of Fantasy. He is a top 10 player over the past two seasons.

Not only that, but by grabbing him late, it’s much easier to get a high end backup (Michael Vick) to cover your butt in case of injury.

Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick, NFL VeteransI am one of Vick’s biggest fans, so I hope this isn’t too much of a biased opinion.

Vick was just plain awful last season, anyone could tell you that. He couldn’t stop fumbling, couldn’t stop throwing picks, and as usual, couldn’t stop getting injured. With all of these variables, Vick is un-pickable, right?


Vick is projected at best, to be backup Fantasy quarterback. This seems silly to me, because he has the ability to be a top-five QB. In Chip Kelly’s new offense, Vick could thrive and have a revival season.

This is one guy who will be easy to get and could potentially win your league for you. Ask anyone who picked him off the waiver wire in 2010. His stats and injury history speak for themselves.

I just know that Michael Vick has the talent to be great, and that’s enough for me. How many players picked in Round 14 could score 300 Fantasy points? Not too many, but Vick is a prime candidate and a very solid Fantasy backup.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Indianapolis Colts

Ahmad Bradshaw signed with the Colts hoping to be their lead back. He will have that job and take the majority of the carries barring an injury setback.

Bradshaw was not signed to be a third-down back. He is a horse who wants to carry the team to wins. Bradshaw’s health is a major red flag, though. He is just coming off foot surgery and has yet to do any major physical activities.

This past week, he was quoted as saying he is 100 percent. While you can’t always trust a player’s opinion, 100 percent sounds good to me. I expect Bradshaw to get 200 carries and all the red-zone carries for this up-and-coming offense.

QB Andrew Luck will use Bradshaw as a crutch and rely on his veteran leadership.

The reason I really like Bradshaw is that he is being undervalued in drafts. In most drafts, he will fall to Round 8 and is projected to barely be a top-30 running back. There are far riskier players being drafted before Bradshaw and I think his stock has fallen too far.

Taking a flyer on this player as your third back is just a wonderful option. Another plus, he plays Jacksonville and Tennessee four times, YES!

If you can time up your top running back picks byes, with Bradshaw’s Jacksonville/Tennessee starts, you’ve already found a backup fill-in stud for a week or two. Take a risk on a guy who has proven himself as a worthy back in the NFL.

Miles Austin, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Miles Austin, Fantasy Value Plays

Miles Austin’s Fantasy value has dipped in recent seasons, but the Cowboys still have a dynamic offense. Photo Credit: JamesBoydPhotos.com

Honestly, it’s hard to get excited about Miles Austin. Even sitting here writing, I’m cringing a bit thinking about drafting him. That’s the perception that makes him a draftable player, though, and a steal in most drafts.

Austin has fallen all the way to the 30s in rankings for wide receivers. For a player who averages five catches a game and 60 yards, that’s just wrong. He will also contribute a touchdown in almost every other game, as well.

Most people look at Austin just how I described him in my first two sentences. He’s no fun, does nothing exciting, and doesn’t make the highlight plays. With that said, this is the type player I want late in drafts; nothing exciting, but just consistent.

If one of your wideouts goes down, Austin would be a great fill-in, which is right where he is being drafted.  The upside of Austin is nothing to get excited about, but the production is there and it’s undervalued right now. In a passing offense like this, I expect Austin to be as productive as ever.

Do you have some great Fantasy value plays you’re thinking about? Share them in the comments!

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