2014 Fantasy Kicker Rankings

Matt Bryant, 2014 Kicker Rankings

Listen, don’t feel bad that you’re checking out our 2014 Fantasy Kicker rankings. At some point, everyone has to take a look to see who will end up being your team’s last pick of the day.

It probably makes you feel like you’re wasting your time, but still, this guy is going to take up more than a tenth of your starting lineup every single week. You want to do a little research and not go in completely blind.

While we’re not going to get too deep into strategy discussions, I’ll share with you some tips you can just add to the back of your mind, ready to recall when Round 16 rolls around (or whenever your draft’s last round is!).

Kicker Strategies

As much as it sounds silly, there are some things to consider when you’re getting ready to pull the kicker trigger.

Target High-Scoring Offenses: This one sounds rather obvious, but you want to grab kickers that kick for teams that often find themselves in the red zone. You have some kickers that kick a ton of extra points (Matt Prater set the NFL record for those last season). Or kickers that kick lots of field goals because their offense is stellar (Stephen Gostkowski and Justin Tucker hit the fifth-most field goals in NFL history last year!

Target Good Kickers in Domes: When you can take out the weather factor for at least half of a team’s schedule, you’ll likely have more success on each of your kicker’s kicks. This is for guys like Blair Walsh, Greg Zuerlein and Shayne Graham.

Target Formerly Good Kickers on Offenses Ready to Rebound: Guys like Matt Bryant should have a bounceback season, as he works with a great offense, in a dome.

2014 Fantasy Kicker Rankings

Don’t forget, our rankings are based on standard scoring for 12-team, non-PPR leagues, with rushing and receiving touchdowns receiving six points each, and turnovers losing two points each. I ranked kickers and discussed them a bit more over at FantasySports.About.com, if you need more kicker talk.

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The 2014 Fantasy Kicker rankings might not be sexy, but they are necessary! Just make sure you wait until late to pick one! We’ll update dour rankings throughout the summer, so check back often!

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