2014 Head-To-Head Mock Draft: First 5 Rounds

2014 Head-to-Head Mock Draft

We can’t get enough of the free Mock Draft Simulator, so we used it again for the 2014 Head-to-Head Mock Draft. Have you used it yet? Perhaps not, but now that Football season is done it’s time to focus on Fantasy Baseball!

It is never too early to do mock drafts for the upcoming season. Some people do two mock drafts, others do over 200. Wherever you fall, they are useful, and it is a great way to utilize ADP, your own rankings, or perhaps ours at Davidgonos.com. We did a 2014 Rotisserie mock draft just last week, and we’re going to try to do one each Monday until the season is about to start.

I like to do as many mocks as I can, and test out different strategies. The beauty of the Mock Draft Simulator, is it also does league ranking post draft to grade how you did. Obviously, nothing can predict the future, so if you implemented a strategy, and took risks (Like I do) you may not grade too well. Time will tell if you made the right risky moves.

Do one today here “Draft Wizard’s Mock Draft Simulator” or through our site.

2014 Head-T0-Head Mock Draft Format

This time we are using a standard Head-To-Head format. 12 teams, and a standard lineup including: 1-C, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1- SS, 1- 3B, 3-OF, 1-UT, 5-SP, 4-RP, 7-BN.

Scoring categories are: AVG., Runs, RBI, HR, Steals and Strikeouts, Wins, Saves, ERA, and WHIP.

2014 Head-To-Head Mock Draft Results!

1.1 Mike Trout, LAA

1.2 Miguel Cabrera, DET

1.3 Clayton Kershaw, LAD

1.4 Paul Goldschmidt, ARI

1.5 Andrew McCutcheon, LAD

1.6 Robinson Cano, SEA

1.7 Bryce Harper, WAS

1.8 Carlos Gonzalez, COL

1.9 Adam Jones, BAL

1.10 Chris Davis, BAL

Chris Davis, Orioles, Hot or Not Players

Can Chris Davis repeat his spectacular 2013 season? Owners will be hoping so after investing first round picks this season. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

I was tempted to take Hanley here, but I figured injury risk was just as real as Davis having a severe regression. I bought in to Davis last year, and I still believe in him this season. May not hit 50 home runs, but should be good for at least 40. I hope I can snag a shortstop in the next two rounds.

1.11 Hanley Ramirez, LAD

1.12 Prince Fielder, TEX

2.1 Ryan Braun, MIL

2.2 Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY

2.3 Troy Tulowitzki, COL

Well, I got my shortstop so no complaints. Tulowitzki is elite in a scarce position. Injury-prone? Sure, but he still puts up best in position numbers when he does play. I will take the risk. Also realize he will lose some steals as he ages too.

2.4 Joey Votto, CIN

2.5 Adrian Beltre, TEX

2.6 Edwin Encarnacion, TOR

2.7 Adam Wainwright, STL

2.8 Yu Darvish, TEX

2.9 Evan Longoria, TB

2.10 Giancarlo Stanton, MIA

2.11 Felix Hernandez, SEA

2.12 Freddie Freeman, ATL

3.1 David Wright, NYM

3.2 Albert Pujols, STL

3.3 Carlos Gomez, NYM

3.4 Stephen Strasburg, WAS

3.5 Max Scherzer, DET

3.6 Justin Verlander, DET

3.7 Yasiel Puig, LAD

3.8 Jason Kipnis, CLE

3.9 Cliff Lee, PHI

3.10 Dustin Pedroia, BOS

Bummer, I really thought Kipnis was going to slip to me. I will go with the other near-elite option here at the scarce second base position. I am very happy with my infield so far. I could have gone with Bautista, or pitching here, but I like to wait another round or two for starters. Let’s see what happens

3.11 Shin-Soo Choo, TEX

3.12 Jose Bautista, TOR

4.1 Ian Desmond, WAS

4.2 Jay Bruce, CIN

4.3 Justin Upton, ATL

He showed what his upside was the beginning of 2013. He’s still young, his ceiling is high, and I like him to have a great season in 2014. I couldn’t pass him up here, and once again am pushing pitching back…..Jose Fernandez and David Price were there and very tempting. Primarily Fernandez.

4.4 Jose Fernandez, MIA

4.5 Madison Bumgarner, SF

4.6 Alex Rios, TEX

4.7 Joe Mauer, MN

4.8 David Price, TB

4.9 Jose Reyes, TOR

4.10 Adrian Gonzalez, LAD

4.11 Buster Posey, SF

4.12 Chris Sale, CHW

5.1 Jean Segura, MIL

5.2 Cole Hamels, PHI

5.3 Matt Kemp, LAD

5.4 Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

5.5 Eric Hosmer, KC

5.6 Jayson Werth, WAS

5.7 Matt Carpenter, STL

5.8 Allen Craig, STL

5.9 Zack Greinke, LAD

5.10 Anibal Sanchez, DET

Hmmm, may have missed my “Ace” but I will gladly take Sanchez, and if my strategy works as it has in the past I will be able to start loading up on solid #2 and #3 pitchers while other teams are filling up other positions.

5.11 Josh Hamilton, LAA

5.12 Starling Marte, PIT

6.1 Hunter Pence, SF

6.2 Mark Trumbo, ARI

6.3 Mat Latos, CIN

I like Latos and will gladly take him as my number two starter. Anibal and Latos, are a good enough one-two punch for me, and they both have 200 K potential.

 7.10 Josh Donaldson, OAK

I am a realist, and expect regression, but he will still be a top 5-10 third baseman. I needed one and don’t want to worry about what’s left. Good enough value for me.

 8.3 Alex Gordon, KC

I am not a big fan of Gordon, a little more of one in rotisserie formats, but typically avoid him. He does produce consistent numbers in 4 categories, so I will take that for my second outfielder. I passed on super utility guy Ben Zobrist, and new Yankee Carlos Beltran for his consistency.

 9.10 Desmond Jennings, TB

I have a hunch about Jennings this year….I had a hunch about Chris Davis and Domonic Brown last season too. So I can’t be wrong… right? I hope not, but I also had a hunch about Mike Moustakas last season too. We will see. As a young third Outfielder, with 20 Home Run and 30 steal potential I am taking him.

 10.3 Mike Minor, ATL

Mike Minor, 2014 Atlanta Braves Preview

Mike Minor finished among the top 20 pitchers last season. No reason to expect him to fall out of this group in 2014

Here is another pitcher and I like him plenty. He improved last season, and is primed for a breakout season this in 2014. As my third pitcher, getting a guy with tremendous upside is fantastic. He finished 15th amongst starters last season. No reason he won’t return there.

11.10 Doug Fister, WAS

Considering he will be my fourth starter, and in a new home in Washington I am excited. Fister provides sneaky value, and should be a top 40 pitcher once again this season.

12.3 J.J. Hardy, BAL

He may have not been necessary at this pick, but he is a shortstop (insurance for Tulo) and he can hit for power, averaging 25 home runs over the past three seasons. A nice utility player, and great insurance plan.

13.10 Jeff Samardzija, CHI

Assuming the grumblings that he may get traded don’t happen , he is still a valuable commodity as he can dominate games, and gets plenty of strikeouts. I am willing to take the hit in losses, knowing my other starters will get plenty, and load up on the K’s.

14.3 Salvador Perez, KC

This may be the earliest I have ever drafted a catcher, but I really like Salvador Perez, and it fills that position with confidence. He finished 7th amongst catchers, so I took the plunge. Knowing he is young, he can improve this season as well.

15.10 Grant Balfour,

I felt I needed to take a closer, and honestly I don’t like doing this. I won two leagues last year by punting saves. I took Balfour hoping I would possibly snag one more closer as well. It didn’t happen, and I am fine with that. Now I have a nice reliever, or potential trade bait. Not everyone likes this strategy, but I do, and it has worked well…..most of the time.

16.3 Nolan Arenado, COL

Another potential young star, impressed in his first season in the majors. Could still grow in to power, and will be a nice backup plan to Donaldson, or for Utility if need be.

17.10 Zach Wheeler, NYM

May have been my riskiest pick in the draft. He has ace potential, but needs to refine his pitch location a great deal first. He could hurt my squad in WHIP, and until he strikes out more guys, he may not be valuable quite yet. Round 17? Why not see what happens?

18.3 Corey Kluber, CLE

Tremendous value for the 18th round, and was taking a flyer on him lasting after reaching for Wheeler. If he is remotely as good as last season, I will have a number two, or three starter in the late rounds. Just what I like. Or he could get figured out in 2014, in which case, it was only an 18th round pick right?

19.10 Cody Allen, CLE

Closer of the future, or of 2014. I didn’t have many options to go with Balfour, so I am hoping Allen gets the job eventually and helps me get some additional saves. Either way he will help in ERA, Whip, and K’s.

20.3 Jarrod Parker, OAK

UNDERVALUED. He had a terrible first few months dealing with mechanics issues. Once he fixed those he was very good. His overall numbers won’t wow anyone, making Parker one of my absolute favorite late rounders, and is a CHEAP target this season.

21.10 A.J. Griffin, OAK

Could become a split start guy, but he is solid, and one of my “staple” guys. I tend to roster him in all of my leagues over the past two seasons. May as well make it three, right??

22.3 Tyler Clippard, WAS

Next in line as Washington’s closer, I like this risk, and he will help in ERA, Whip, K’s. That is all I want from my relievers.

23.10 Jake McGee, TB

He likely won’t take the closing role now, but he gets K’s and helps in the ERA/Whip Category too.

24.3 Mark Teixeira, NYY

Mark Teixeira, 2013 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

While Mark Teixeira is coming off his worst season since his rookie year, he’s also coming into 2014 healthy for the first time in a while. Photo Credit: NJNetsFan

Always a slow starter, and thankfully is just a bench player. He has had an entire season of rust built up too. If he shakes it off, and starts swinging like he used to though?? Tex could be a very sneaky value pick with 30 home run potential.he won’t help in average, but as a bench guy there is nothing to lose.

25.10 Mike Morse, SF

Another big bopper for the bench. I like power and speed guys for my bench. I leaned more towards power in this draft. Morse has 30 home run potential as well. He won’t kill my batting average, and could have a “Comeback player of the year” season in 2014.

Final Analysis: Projected Standings

One of the coolest parts of this whole Mock Draft Simulator is that it projects out the standings, using projections from the site. So after this draft, looking at the projected standings, my team shakes out as the third-best overall.

I was projected to have the best hitting team, and 8th-ranked in pitching. The pitching makes sense, and I am used to it, since I typically take younger, higher upside pitchers. My lack of solidified closers likely didn’t help either.

We’ll be back with another mock draft soon!

Using the free Mock Draft Simulator is a ton of fun, and extremely helpful. The rankings change daily, as experts listed on FantasyPros.com change their rankings, so multiple mock drafts is a good idea. Good luck!

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