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2017 Rookie Advice: 8 Fantasy Football Articles To the Rescue

2017 Rookie advice - 8 Helpful Articles

Getting rookie advice about the incoming 2017 NFL Draft is helpful because, unlike the other Fantasy Football players we’re drafting, we have never seen these players go up against NFL talent. We don’t know what they can do, so it’s difficult to assess their Fantasy value for the coming season, judged against the players we have already seen in the NFL.

That means we have to rely on others to help us. Others that have been judging these players for months, possibly years while they were in college football, can help us put a Fantasy value on these first-year players.

Understanding the 2017 rookie advice that we get from a Fantasy Football perspective is one thing, but then meshing their values into veterans can be difficult.

It’s like having an art collection, then going to an auction to buy artwork from an unknown artist. It could be incredibly valuable, but you don’t know for sure, and you have difficulty valuating it because it’s new art with which you are unfamiliar.

So we look to others to help us understand!

And we look to history! Dating back to the year 2000, we’ve looked at the first rookie drafted in Fantasy Football leagues (highest ADP for a first-year player), and compared that to the best Fantasy rookies at the end of the season. Did you know that just four of the past highest-drafted rookies from the past 17 years turned out to be the best Fantasy rookies by season’s end?

With all this in mind, we look to our Fantasy Football brethren to help us learn more about these first-year players!

8 Helpful Fantasy Football Links: 2017 Rookie Advice

Getting opinions from others, even if it differs from our own, can help us understand what might happen during a Fantasy Football draft.

2017 Fantasy Football Handcuffs: A False Sense of Security

By Alex Hamrick from

While this doesn’t sound like an article about any Fantasy rookies, the very first player mentioned is a rookie running back that could be one of the best handcuffs out there.

Dynasty and Chill Rookie Draft Results

By Keith Lott from

This is a 32-team IDP Fantasy Football Dynasty League – and this is their draft! I was surprised by how late Lions rookie LB Jarrad Davis went in this draft!

Dynasty Rookie Draft: Round 1


I don’t want to spoil it and tell you who got picked first and all that (it’s three rounds deep already, by the way), but I will tell you the first round has seven running backs, four wide receivers and one tight end!

Top 16 Fantasy Football Sleeper Picks 2017

By Kurt Turner from

Nearly one third of all of these sleepers come from the wide receivers position, including one rookie, one sophomore, one third-year receiver, and two contract-year players!

5 Overvalued Fantasy Football Players From the Top 50 in ADP

By David Gonos from

Among the top 50 are a few rookies, one of which I find is overrated. If we don’t count Ezekiel Elliott from last season, this 2017 rookie has the second-highest ADP in the past 17 years. That’s a mistake in my opinion.

Why You Need To Draft Christian McCaffrey

By Levi Serfoss from

One of the longest-tenured “So-Called Fantasy Experts,” Serfoss makes a solid argument as to why McCaffrey is going to be a good thing for your Fantasy teams.

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Value: How Soon Can We Expect Great Things?

By Adam Strangis from

Strangis thinks Kamara is going to see a lot of action in his rookie season, and he explains why, including the fact that he has the body of a LeSean McCoy and Le’Veon Bell, and not just a scatback.

2017 NFL Draft Analysis: Fantasy Football Values

By Jake Ciely from

My favorite piece after the NFL Draft every year, Ciely deep-dives into each pick and how that player should relate Fantasy-wise with his new teammates.

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Meanwhile … From

Chris Meaney continues his Running Back rankings for the 2017 Fantasy Football season, and he dips into the running backs in the 31-40 range, who are basically your first backups in flex leagues. There are two rookie running backs in this group!

We’ll continue to look for 2017 rookie advice from all sources, so drop a comment below if there are some articles you particularly enjoyed – or if you want to share some of your own opinions!

Christian McCaffrey Photo Credit: Michael Li

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