3 Quick (Awesome) Tips For FanDuel Games

Quick Tips for FanDuel Games

This week has been super exciting, as I’ve signed a deal with FanDuel to write about Daily Fantasy Baseball and Daily Fantasy Football dealing. In that spirit, I thought I’d share a few quick tips for FanDuel games that I think my readers would find helpful!

Obviously, these tips for FanDuel games are for Daily Fantasy Baseball, considering we’re in the beginning of June, and we have over three months until we get ready to fill our football lineups!

As you probably know, FanDuel’s lineups are a little different than some of the other DFS games out there, as they have just one starting pitcher’s slot and no designated hitter’s spot. That means pitching is a premium here, and I’m currently sitting on a gem by Chris Sale – while watching the lineup I chose turn in some turd efforts.

3 Tips For FanDuel Games

These three tips should be easy to remember and immediately help you in 50/50 games.

Don’t Go Cheap on Pitching

I know this is one you always hear, but seriously, don’t skimp on pitching on this site.

The way their lineups are set is one thing, but consider that they also award four points for wins, and you know that you have to get a winning pitcher in your lineup if you plan to end up north of the DFS prize equator.

Other sites do not reward wins as much in comparison to the other scoring factors.

Play a $1 “All Day” Game

When you sign up for an “All Day” game, you’ll see the ownership percentages of all the players that day – and night. So you’ll see who all of the other DFS players think will have good games on any given night.

Think of this as crowd-sourcing your DFS help for your lineup!

Play Multiple $1 and $2 Games Instead of a $10 or $20 Game

If you plan to play $50 worth of 50/50 games, make sure you sprinkle that money throughout a bunch of games, spreading out your risk, rather than just a few contests at higher prices. FanDuel makes it REAL easy to enter the same lineup into several different games. By loading up on $1 and $2 games, you usually face lesser competition, and you have a much better chance of not losing all of your money if your lineup is just mediocre.

Hopefully, these tips for FanDuel games help you going forward in your Daily Fantasy Baseball efforts! Go FanDuel!

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