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5 Things I Love About the FREE SquadQL Fantasy Baseball App For Season-Long Leagues

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The best thing about the new SquadQL Fantasy Baseball app — besides being FREE! — is that it helps classic Fantasy Baseball owners that set daily or weekly lineups in their season-long league. I’m so sick of seeing all the Daily Fantasy Baseball apps that help players in that format, but no one offers help for season-long players.

The reality is that there are more DFS apps out there because there’s more money in it, but the emergence of mobile technology and DFS play shouldn’t leave all season-long players in the dust.

Personally, I don’t play Daily Fantasy Baseball anymore, but I still love season-long play. I’m not judging daily players, of course, I’m just involved in different things. One great piece of news for you, if you are a DFS player, is that you can also download SquadQL’s sister app, RotoQL for Daily Fantasy Baseball play! There are over 100,000 other DFS players using that app – so why aren’t you?

5 Things I Love About the SquadQL Fantasy Baseball App

This review points out several features I think you’ll enjoy, as you work toward winning your Fantasy Baseball championship this summer!

Easily Synchronize With Your Existing Leagues on CBS, ESPN and Yahoo!

Is there anything worse than downloading an app and finding out you must load in all your information manually to begin – and every time you make any changes after that? The league sync option is one of the easiest I’ve seen. Just choose which platform you want to synchronize with, log in with the correct credentials, and synchronize! Then you’ll see your lineup with some interesting numbers.

QLs Make It Easier To Compare Players vs. Players

Once your lineup is loaded, take a look at the number on the right side of each player module – that’s the player’s QLs, which is their QL Score. It’s meant to compare players against each other for that particular scoring period, using your league’s particular scoring system.

No more wondering which players are better in Rotisserie or Head-to-Head scoring systems!

Compare Your Optimized Lineup vs. Original Lineup

When you go to optimize your lineup, a pop-up tells you that the app will use the RotoQL projections, while also taking into account injuries, rainouts, lineup changes, off days and performance trends to decide how your lineup can be better than before. Then it shows you the steps you can make to improve your lineup, and just how many projected points each move will add to your lineup.

Get News and Lineup Optimization in One Place

Click the player news tab on the bottom, and you’ll see relevant and important Fantasy news involving your Fantasy players. See who’s hurt, why their hurt and when they’ll be back! I actually like that there’s no performance talk in this section, since you get that everywhere else in the app – this spot is only for injury news and the like.

Great Features Coming Soon: Player Trade Options and VIP Waiver Optimizer

Not only are the app developers still working on some features, but they are being proactive with some really great features, like the VIP Waiver Optimizer, which can help you with both short-term and long-term Fantasy strategies.

Season-long Fantasy Baseball players finally get the assist they’ve been waiting for. Download the free SquadQL Fantasy Baseball app now and start optimizing your daily and weekly lineups!

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