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8 Fantasy Football Links That Disagree With Me!

8 Fantasy Football Links That Disagree With Me

I like to take a look around the Fantasy Football landscape to find some opinions that might differ from my own! In this case, I found eight Fantasy Football links to articles you should read.

Let’s face it – most of these guys are way smarter than me, so listen to their advice!

2017 Fantasy Wide Receivers That Are Rising and Falling

By Robert Lorge of

Lorge lists a handful of wideouts on the rise and on the decline this offseason, including a couple I’m in disagreement about. While I love Willie Snead’s ability, I do think the arrival of Ted Ginn will cut into Snead’s numbers, bringing him back to his Fantasy value of last season.

Top Fantasy Football Players To Prevent Losing

By Jake Ciely of

Note: Jake is great at rankings and horrible at headline writing. In this article, he touches on one player at each position he likes as undervalued entering the 2017 Fantasy Football season. However, there’s one guy he’s pimping that I just can’t get on board with. His name rhymes with Schmyrod Schmaylor. He loves his consistency, but to me, that consistency keeps me from being excited about him. Consistency is awesome, only if it’s among the top starters at their respective position – not if they’re consistently among the worst Fantasy starters.

Making the Case to Draft Andy Dalton

By Keith Lott of

While I don’t necessarily hate Dalton (I have him ranked 15th), I just think there are so many other excellent options for late-round quarterbacks that Dalton would be more of a waiver-wire guy for me. Lott makes a good argument for drafting Dalton, though, but you’ll have to read into his reasonings to really understand why.

Overdrafted Fantasy Football Players

By Paul Maland of

It should be noted that it was difficult to find a player on this list of overdrafted players that I disagree with. But in this case, one of their writers mentioned that Ben Roethlisberger is being overdrafted right now, citing that he’d rather take Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins ahead of Big Ben. Of course, I have all four below Roethlisberger because I love the fact he gets Martavis Bryant back and a healthy Le’Veon Bell. While the others certainly have much better career upside in 2017, I’d prefer this big guy — even if he only plays in 10-12 game this year.

Reasons For and Against Fantasy Football Kickers

By Christopher T. Luft of

I’m one of the few people that argue for kickers in Fantasy Football, if only because it’s good to keep tradition and it’s good to keep a position connected to the game. Luft makes some good observations FOR keeping kickers, including:


The difference in kicker scoring from game to game or season to season is just as variable as top tier players. This can be compared to top-ranked bust running back Todd Gurley versus last year’s sleepers like Jay Ajayi or Jordan Howard.” – Luft

But he also rips on kickers in that there’s nothing worse than losing a matchup on a last-second extra point. To me, that’s bologna. Really, you probably lost by one point because your running back ran for 89 yards instead of 90. That’s worse to me than the PAT.

Is Sean McVay the Rams’ Savior?

By DFFShane at

Great article pointing out what I think a lot of people are overlooking. McVay’s offensive mind should help Todd Gurley have a much-improved season, for two specific reasons: an improved offensive line and the installation of an outside-zone run scheme that should benefit Gurley greatly. Maybe this article isn’t against my thinking after all!

26 Great Donald Trump Fantasy Football Team Names For Lovers & Haters

By David Gonos of

The three most important things you’ll ever name: your Fantasy Football team name, your wi-fi network and your firstborn kid. Everything after that is just, like, whatever. (Sorry, second-born kid.) I tracked down and invented some of the best Trump Fantasy team names you will every find! KelceAnn Conway not included.

Meanwhile … Over at

The guys over at FNTSY cover everything in the Fantasy Football draft prep season, and one thing many people agree with – until your draft rolls around and a sweet QB lands in your lap early – is when to draft quarterbacks. The “RotoExperts In the Morning” do a great job of breaking it all down.

Andy Dalton Photo Credit: Navin75

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