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Automotive Fantasy Football Lineup (Infographic)


When I first saw this infographic of a bunch of cars making up the lineup of a starting offense in football, I thought to myself, “Yeah, this is something that would be on my site.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I see everything through the eyes of a Fantasy Sports player, and a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in life come from knowing how to spot trends, look for value and not just jump at highly touted commodities without doing some research first.

This site has already seen a “Best Classic Rock Albums of All-Time Mock Draft“, “Best World War II Movies of All-Time Mock Draft,” a “Best Candy Bars Ever Mock Draft” and, of course, a Fantasy Football Beer Lineup.

So really, an automotive Fantasy Football lineup infographic is right down my alley.

My Semi-Pro Automotive Fantasy Football Lineup

I thought I’d also share the cars I’ve owned in my 41 years on this earth, and liken them to football positions as well! Thousands of us drive each day so it seems only fair to discuss and rank some cars which I think are great as I know so many people who own cars that are duds. Thankfully though, we have some pretty good Lemon Law attorneys in California so people can get the car they actually deserve. Cars that are riddled with problems are considered lemons and we all know someone with one! Encourage them to check out lemon laws to see how they can finally get a car that runs smoothly. And now, without further ado, here is my car line up.

1984 Ford EXP: This golden beauty was my first car coming out of high school. It had no back seat (there was supposed to be one, but it just didn’t have one), and my cousin and I thought we’d be badasses and put some speakers in right behind the seats – on the ceiling. Well, we nearly drilled through the roof of the car. Football position: Nickelback.

Automotive Fantasy Football Lineup

My buddy Jason (left), myself and Damien (that’s what I named my bad-ass (not really) ’87 Pontiac Grand Am).

1987 Pontiac Grand Am: “A four-door sports car! I’ll take it!” That’s what I imagined I said back then to the car dealer. I got my brother to do some (what I thought at the time) cool vinyl graphics on it. Easily one of my favorite cars ever. Football position: Third-down back.

1993 Ford Explorer: We paid over $500 a month for that car. It had the option to be delivered to us (via a service like offers), and whilst we didn’t take it at the time I probably would now. It had a six-CD changer and leather seats and we took our friends everywhere in that thing. We were pretty much awesome. Football position: Backup QB that’s everyone’s favorite.

1980-ish Beat-up Chevy Truck: Went cheap for a year with a beater for driving back and forth to work. Old trucks have so much character in them. Like, grumpy old Uncle Gus kinda character. Football position: Long snapper.

1996 Pontiac Grand Prix: Ahhh yeah, going back to the well. Eventually, by the time I ran this into the ground, the driver’s side door handle wouldn’t work from the outside, so I had to reach over from the inside of the passenger side to open the door. But that wasn’t as bad as the power steering that went bad, which is ALWAYS fun when you valet it somewhere. Football position: Backup tight end.

2004 Ford Explorer: The more things change, the more they stay the same! Love this truck, although two people have already dented both doors, the sun visors have snapped off on both sides and two different lights are blinking at me from the dashboard (you’d think they’d offset each other!) Football position: Starting Tight end.

Automotive Fantasy Football Lineup

Automotive Fantasy Football Lineup

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