Daily Fantasy Baseball Saturday Extravaganza

Jonathon Niese, Daily Fantasy Baseball

This past week, I’ve really started to get into playing Daily Fantasy Baseball. And this morning, I woke up at like 7am after a long night of drinking and then some late-night pizza, and decided to jump into a bunch of games for a Saturday extravaganza … Maybe the alcohol hasn’t worn off.

Then I thought, let’s share those lineups – and the results – and discuss!

It’s the first full Saturday of baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m still trying to figure out which sites I like best, so for today, I set up lineups on four different Daily Fantasy Baseball sites.

My DraftDay.com Lineup

Jonathon Niese, Daily Fantasy Baseball

Mets P Jonathon Niese faces a very weak Marlins lineup at Citi Field Saturday. Photo Credit: Afagen

I won some dough here yesterday, and a couple times this week, and I absolutely love the Head-to-Head challenges for $5. You challenge me for free and the winner gets $5!

I ended up six points short of winning $500 in their jackpot game yesterday. I nearly stabbed myself in the eye after that one. I think I’d rather finish 33rd than second in a winner-take-all event. Call me crazy!

So on this site, I have five games going, for varying amounts. Here’s the lineup I’ve set for each of them (for some reason, I haven’t gotten into hedging and filling out several different lineups.

  • P Jonathon Niese vs. MIA – $12,100 — Third-most expensive pitcher on the site, but the Marlins are scoring two runs per game.
  • P Shelby Miller vs. SF – $8,500 — Great spring coupled with the Giants’ slow start at the plate.
  • C Chris Iannetta at TEX – $5,300
  • 1B Todd Frazier vs. WAS – $7,600
  • 2B Dustin Pedroia at TOR – $9,100
  • SS Danny Espinosa at CIN – $6,650
  • 3B David Wright vs. MIA – $9,250 – Wright is hitting nearly .400 in over 60 at-bats against Ricky Nolasco.
  • OF Bryce Harper at CIN – $11,300
  • OF Shin-Soo Choo vs. WAS – $9,400
  • OF Mark Trumbo at TEX – $8,050
  • DH Miguel Cabrera vs. NYY — $12,350 – Phil Hughes (back) comes off the DL unexpectedly for this start, and the Yankees bullpen is beat up. Jackpot!
  • Salary remaining — $400

My FanDuel.com Lineup

Two games for me over here, including a Head-to-Head matchup, and a 100-player tournament. This lineup is a little different, since they have you start just one pitcher and no designated hitter. Also, the two tournaments I joined were for the early games only today.

  • P Jonathon Niese vs. MIA – $6,800
  • C Buster Posey vs. STL – $3,600 – Cheaper than Tyler Flowers, and facing a rookie pitcher! It seems like this is a great time to play games as the salary algorithms are all different on all sites, and some are leaning heavier on last year’s numbers, etc. So you’ll find cheaper players on some sites. Granted, those players are available to your opponents as well, but still.
  • 1B Edwin Encarnacion vs. BOS – $4,200
  • 2B Danny Espinosa at CIN – $3,000
  • SS Jose Reyes vs. BOS – $3,900 – Love the Jays going up against John Lackey, who is considered the worst pitcher of the afternoon.
  • 3B Ryan Zimmerman at CIN – $4,000
  • OF Brett Gardner at DET – $2,400 – Loaded up on leadoff men today (Reyes, Gardner, Jackson), hoping the extra at-bats turn into extra points, and make up for their lack of pop.
  • OF Austin Jackson at TEX – $3,600
  • OF Mark Trumbo at TEX – $3,400 – Are there 25 outfielders better than Trumbo’s potential today? I say no! (They have him ranked 26th among OFs.)
  • Salary remaining — $100

My DailyJoust.com Lineup

Joined three contests on this site. I kinda dig the whole medieval feel of it, by the way. Like naming stuff after King Arthur, etc. Solid theme!

  • P Jonathon Niese vs. MIA – $322,000
  • C A.J. Pierzynski vs. LAA – $77,000
  • 1B Joey Votto vs. WAS – $105,000
  • 2B Dustin Pedroia at TOR – $118,000
  • SS Jose Reyes vs. BOS – $101,000 – Shortstops are mighty thin this afternoon. The second-highest ranked for this contest is Billy Hamilton, and he’s in the minors (they reward steals with two points and no subtractions for getting caught stealing.)
  • 3B Todd Frazier vs. WAS – $77,000
  • OF Shin-Soo Choo vs. WAS – $82,000
  • OF Austin Jackson at TEX – $83,000
  • OF Bryce Harper at CIN – $132,000
  • Salary remaining — $3,000

My DraftKings.com Lineup

This site is slowly becoming one of my favorite, along with DraftDay.com. I’m not sure why, but I just like the aesthetics, and the games offered. Oh, and I’ve won a few times here. It’s amazing how much of a difference that makes! I have just one game going on this site today – a $600 (Early only) Moon Shot.

  • P Felix Hernandez at CHW – $11,800 – Just a couple grand more than Niese, I decided to go with the top pitcher of the day.
  • P Shelby Miller at SF — $5,000
  • C Jarrod Saltalamacchia at TOR – $3,100
  • 1B KEvin Youkilis at DET – $4,000
  • 2B Dustin Pedroia at TOR – $4,800
  • SS Jose Reyes vs. BOS – $4,800
  • 3B Todd Frazier vs. WAS – $3,800 – Love these Reds so far, second-highest scoring team in the majors (behind Baltimore).
  • OF Shane Victorino at TOR – $3,900
  • OF Brett Gardner at DET – $3,700
  • OF Bryce Harper at CIN – $4,900
  • Salary remaining — $200

I hope these Daily Fantasy Baseball lineups helped you out this afternoon – or in future weeks! Good luck!

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