Daily Fantasy Football: Discount Diving Week 8 and FanDuel Cheat Sheet


This week’s Discount Diving will be short and sweet. I apologize for the lack of some of the standard information, but there have been an over-abundant amount of interruptions, distractions and unique situations this week my free time to write and research was minimal. Thankful for Grandparents I am able to sneak away for a while and hopefully help all of you.

The hardest part about writing about Daily Fantasy Sports, and playing it for that matter is losing. Admitting you are a loser is even more difficult. Well my Week 6 lineups were simply put…..atrocious. My lineup last week left me finishing 12th out of 20, or worse in many contests. Also a solid finish of 28, 563  out of 28,735 entrants with one of my Brian Hoyer lineups well….. Disgusting. I did hit on a few of my bargains last week though Andre Ellington and Larry Donnell performed well enough. Hoyer, Ben Tate and James Jones were in all of my lineups and they stunk.

So, if you had a rough Week 5 and Week 6 like I did, you are aching for a rebound as much as I am. Strangely, you may have heard the saying that it is impossible to do well in your seasonal leagues AND Daily Leagues. So far, that seems to be accurate. I am doing very well in my seasonal leagues and struggling in Daily. Not this week though. NOT THIS WEEK!

Good luck everyone.

WEEK 8 Discount Diving for FanDuel

Quarterback: Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota at Tampa Bay

There is no denying that the Tampa defense is about as bad as it gets. If Bridgewater can somehow bounce back and put together a performance like his introduction in Atlanta and you will have the definition of a bargain. I feel sketchy going with a bargain at Quarterback after this week, but will try with my guy Teddy this week. Costing $5,400 is a nifty price-tag. Project FanDuel Points: 16

Running Back: Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota at Tampa Bay

I guess I am promoting a stack this week for Bargain picks. McKinnon shredded one of the best run defenese last week. Once again, this week he is looking at the porous Tampa Bay defense, and I am slightly shocked at his price tag of $5,800 this week. He is a lock for all my lineups this week. Project FanDuel Points: 13.2

Wide Receiver: Michael Floyd, Arizona vs Philadelphia

Michael Floyd should continue seeing touchdowns in week 8 Photo By: Broderick Delaney

Michael Floyd should continue seeing touchdowns in week 8 Photo By: Broderick Delaney

Carson Palmer appeared to be back on track and continued throwing touchdowns to Floyd. I expect nothing less this week, and with Floyd only costing $6,500  I love him this week against Philadelphia. Projected FanDuel Points: 12.5

Tight End: Jordan Reed, Washington at Dallas

I am not a big Reed guy, but this week he falls in to the bargain Bin, and I can’t pass him up. A smooth $5,200 will land you a player who will likely see enough work to post adequate value, if not meet his projections.

Projected FanDuel Points: 12.8

The Final Lineup….(Well, one of them)

Chillpony Note: After some thought, and a few notes from others I changed my initial lineup to be more balanced, and with less risk. I hope you all use this more for guidance, and to find a few cheap plays.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 7.43.29 PM


FanDuel Cheat Sheet

Follow the link above to see the full cheat sheet. Good luck!

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