Week 8 Kicker Rankings — Sponsored by SKYLLZONE

Week 8 Kicker rankings

Ahhh, you’ve accidentally clicked on the Week 8 Kicker rankings once again, while your sausage fingers were trying to click on maybe the tight end rankings? Or the defense/special teams rankings?

Never mind, it doesn’t matter now. You’re here, you might as well get comfortable and read up on some kickers!

It’s like when you go to the doctor’s office, and it’s a packed waiting room. You grab the last empty seat, next to the woman with the crying baby, and the man holding a bloody handkerchief (where are you!?!). But just before you sit down, you grab a magazine off the table with the football player on the cover. But when you sit down, you realize it’s a Men’s Health magazine, and you’re doomed to read about healthy stuff.

So you sit back – and read about how to live longer. Great.

5 Best Defenses For Fantasy Kickers to Face

These stats are taken from the Defenses vs. Position tool at CBSSports.com.

  1. Jacksonville: Allowing 10.4 Fantasy pts per game to Kickers
  2. Tampa Bay: 9.67 FPPG
  3. Pittsburgh: 9.43 FPPG
  4. Chicago: 9.00 FPPG
  5. Kansas City: 8.83 FPPG

5 Worst Defenses For Fantasy Kickers to Face

  1. San Diego: Allowing 4.29 Fantasy pts per game to Kickers
  2. T-2. Dallas: 5.57 FPPG
  3. T-2. San Francisco: 5.57 FPPG
  4. T-4. Minnesota: 5.71 FPPG
  5. T-4. Indianapolis: 5.71 FPPG

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Week 8 Kicker Rankings

These rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy Football leagues with six points per touchdown, and three points for field goals.

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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