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Fantasy Basketball First Round Preview: Just The Tip

LeBron James - Fantasy Basketball First Round

“Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo!” It’s time for a Fantasy Basketball First Round Preview.

It is that time of year again when Yeti Vedder has something to look forward to during the week. His Red Sox were left for dead in June and with the NFL only on three nights a week, it leaves me yearning for my sports fix!!!

The NBA is back and I LOVE the NBA, but especially Fantasy Basketball. Fantasy Basketball always has some new dynamic and this year is no different. Whether it be Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Kobe Bryant’s Fantasy numbers taking a hit due to playing together or this fresh rookie class that looks like it could have a major impact on the season, this year will be a doozy for all of you NBA stat heads out there!

I went to my man David Gonos, and I said, “Big Dave (even though he is half my size) you want Yeti Vedder on that Fantasy Basketball wall! You need Yeti Vedder on that Fantasy Basketball wall!”

Dave simply said he doesn’t have a Fantasy Basketball wall, but that I could definitely spit some hot fire about Fantasy Basketball for him. Over the next few weeks, leading up to the opening tip, and a little game called “Just the Tip,” I will be giving you some of Yeti Vedder’s sweetest Fantasy Basketball advice. I will start with a Fantasy Basketball First Round Preview. If you are doing a 12-team league like myself, this is actually a preview of the first two rounds of your draft.


Fantasy Basketball First Round Preview


PICK No. 1: Lebron James – SF- Miami

This is a no brainer. It is King James’ Fantasy world and we are all just living in it. I am not a fan of Bron Bron, but Fantasy Basketball-wise, he is simply a beast! I won’t be surprised if Dwyane Wade takes a step back this year, which only means that Lebron will have to take another step forward, which would make his numbers breaking all time Fantasy records!

PICK No. 2:  Kevin Durant – SF – Oklahoma City

The best young player in the game. The thing that worries me about the Durantula is that as great as he has become, so have his teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Having one go-to scorer on a team is always better for Fantasy numbers than having 3. KD is still the second overall pick though.

PICK No. 3:  Kevin Love – PF/C – Minnesota

I love Kevin Love! He is a double-double machine! He is Center eligible which makes him an absolute steal, as Center is the thinnest position by far this season! He can play around the rim, but he can also shoot the 3, which makes him one of the best all-around players in the NBA. If Ricky Rubio can get healthy sooner then later in the season, look for the T-Wolves to make an impact this season.

PICK No. 4:  Chris Paul – PG – L.A. Clippers

Paul is simply the best point guard in the game and when healthy he belongs in the conversation with the three guys above him as the best player in the game. He has a great supporting cast in L.A, which mean even if he has an off night with scoring, his assists will always be high and he will always put up points for you in Fantasy.

PICK No. 5:  Deron Williams – PG – Brooklyn

Yeti Vedder you are crazy! You have Williams ranked above Westbrook? Yes, I do! Williams will be the leading scorer on the Nets. He will also lead the team in assists. He will also lead them to a playoff appearance! I think the Nets have a nice little foundation with Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, and a guy most people sleep on, MarShon Brooks. Williams is the No. 1 guy in New Jersey which makes me pick him over Westbrook.

PICK No. 6: Russell Westbrook – PG – Oklahoma City

NOW you can take Westbrook. Please see everything I said about Durant. Westbrook is a fantastic player, but he has too many off nights for me to take him top five. Plus, he is a part of a bigger picture team which is never good for Fantasy numbers. It is better for NBA titles though!

PICK No. 7: Kyrie Irving – PG – Cleveland

If he is healthy, he could put on Chris Paul’s uniform and no one would know the difference. Him being healthy is the big question! I love that he plays with no one in Cleveland. My theme in my drafting is picking guys that put up numbers because no one else on their team can. Kyrie Irving is a perfect example of this.

PICK No. 8: Andrew Bynum – C – Philadelphia

This is the scariest pick in the first round. Center is a very thin position and Bynum is one of the two best in the league. He has so many questions surrounding him though. Is he mature enough to be the No. 1 guy on his team? Can he stay healthy for 82 games? Will he be able to put up the same numbers when he is being doubled instead of Kobe? Still have to take that chance here with the center position being so thin!

PICK No. 9: Dirk Nowitzki – PF – Dallas

A former MVP that has led his team to the NBA title going this late? I’ll absolutely take a chance on Dirk here. Jason Terry and Jason Kidd are gone. which means he will be relied on to do even more! I think if Dirk is in shape he is still a great Fantasy contributor. I also believe he could be traded by the trade deadline because the Mavs will be horrible, but that is for a completely different blog!

PICK No. 10: Josh Smith – SF/PF – Atlanta

The highest ranked SF out there! Joe Johnson is gone and the Hawks are now counting on Josh Smith and Al Horford to become the go-to players on offense. Smith scares me this early, but he is so good at so many levels that you have to snatch him up here.

PICK No. 11: Al Jefferson – PF/C – Utah

Remember when I said the Center position is thin? This is a perfect example of this. Al doesn’t have another big scoring threat which means the offense will run through him. I hate taking him in the first round, but he could be a sneaky GREAT pick!!!

PICK No. 12: DeMarcus Cousins – PF/C – Sacramento

Remember when I said the Center position is thin? Are you sensing deja vu? Notice that most of the best Centers are eligible at PF as well. That is why they will go so early in drafts. Cousins is a fantastic talent on a very young team. I have a feeling that he could be ready for a break out season. I just don’t know if it will come this season or next.


Second Round

2. 01 Kobe Bryant – SG  – L.A. Lakers – Still the best SG in the game. Too many weapons around him.

2. 02 Dwyane Wade – SG – Miami – Getting hit so much in the lane is starting to take its toll.

2.03 James Harden – SG – Oklahoma City– We’re on our SG run!

2.04 Ty Lawson – PG – Denver – Rondo fans everywhere are outraged!

2.05 Marc Gasol- C – Memphis – The drop off at Center begins!

2.06 Dwight Howard – C – L.A. Lakers – Steal? Superman? Or bad back with free agent talk all season?

2.07 LaMarcus Aldridge – C/PF- Portland – Imagine if he had Greg Oden and Brandon Roy?

2.08 Pau Gasol – C/PF – L.A. Lakers – Run on Lakers players! Nash next?

2.09 Al Horford – C/PF – Atlanta – Healthy and should see more points with no Joe Johnson around.

2.10 Rajon Rondo – PG – Boston – If only he could shoot!

2.11 Carmelo Anthony – SF – N.Y. Knicks – Imagine owning Melo and KD? Jeepers!

2.12 Rudy Gay – SF – Memphis – Maybe SF is the thinnest position?

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