Fantasy Football: 2014 Positional Tiers


Without further ado I present to you my 2014 Positional Tiers. I know it has been a while since my last Draft Strategy posts which you really should read especially if you are participating with so many others in the National Draft Day Weekend! As I stressed in my Prepping for the Prep post, positional tiers are very valuable alongside rankings. rankings can be helpful, but in many ways useless if you don’t consider league parameters, roster requirements, or value of players in each position.

Enter positional tiers. You may be looking at the number 51 player overall in the top 300 but he is a wide receiver. Your roster still needs a running back, but the next highest running back is 61 overall. Which one do you take? Well, let’s say that the 61st player overall falls in to the “Very Good” tier, and the receiver falls in to the “Good” tier. Now your decision is made easier. Rankings are not everything, and neither are tiers, however used together they can definitely help make a tough decision and roster need easier to find and make.

I hope if you are drafting this weekend, or if you have any drafts in the future, you do well my strategies helped, and you continue to stay tuned to davidgonos.com for in season articles. My rankings can be found over on Fantasypros.com under the “Staff Rankings-David Gonos.com. Use them and follow along all season as I update them each week.

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2014 Positional Tiers

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