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5 Dumb Things About Goose

This is a new series I’ve decided to start writing because I’m a bitter, jealous man. I hate that these sites had owners that were much smarter than me. So I explain to readers why I’m so jealous of them! Makes sense!

I plan to review websites, iPhone apps, draft tools and in-season tools. Essentially, if it’s something awesome that I didn’t create, I’m going to talk about how dumb I think it is because I’m a jerk.

First up is checking out the Goose over at, which happens to be a pretty damn loved by Fantasy users and Fantasy site owners alike.

Goose checks out all of the articles on the web each day and he relays them to readers each morning, noon and night. He updates it often and proves to me each and every day why I’m such a lazy slob.

5 Dumb Things About

Or maybe I’m just bitter I didn’t think about them first.

1. Daily Links to Awesome Articles

Every single morning of every single day, just as sure as the sun will come up, so will links to Goose’s favorite Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football articles for that day. Whether it’s Daily Fantasy articles, strategy pieces, updates to rankings, prospect news, popular series, etc., he’ll have a link and an explanation of what’s in it and why you should read it. I tried this once and I just couldn’t keep up. Goose even comes back during the day and updates it as more articles are published!

2. The Ultimate Spreadsheet

Goose compiles the rankings, projections and auction values of many of the top Fantasy sources out there, and dumps them all into a spreadsheet. For a one-time purchase of $4.99, you get access to it – along with all future updates up until the season kicks off. It’s the ultimate spreadsheet! Ultimate Spreadsheet

3. Article Links are Carefully Selected, Not an RSS Feed

There are plenty of link dump sites out there that basically just pull in an RSS feed and auto-linking to it. That’s useful like if you went to buy a steak and you were handed ground beef. It’s similar, but not even close to as good. Goose checks every single article out and handpicks his favorite ones, or ones he thinks readers will find very useful.

4. Jumpoff Point to Dozens of Sites’ Rankings

Goose also organizes links to the most updated rankings for every notable Fantasy website out there, and puts them all on one page. He links to each position, and he lists the date when each set of rankings was updated, so that you can find the most up-to-date sets out there!

5. Already Has Page for 2015 Fantasy Baseball Rankings!

Sometimes I want to punch Goose for being so proactive. Some sites are already posting articles with rankings for the 2015 Fantasy Baseball season – and has a separate page for them already … in mid-August.

In all seriousness, has ranked as one of my favorite free Fantasy Football tools for the past few years now, and I think it’s time it gets the recognition it deserves. No matter how many dumb things it has!



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