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Fantasy Football ADP History Nuggets [Infographic]


I took a look at the top two overall picks, according to Average Draft Position at, over the past 17 NFL seasons, and I came up with some interesting Fantasy Football ADP history nuggets. So I created this infographic to celebrate it! While it might not make my list of 45 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools, it’s still pretty interesting!

As I mentioned, I grabbed the information from MFL, but I didn’t grab the ADP data from the 1998 and 1999 seasons, only because it just seemed like there were too few of drafts at that point. Small sample sizes and all, and yeah, I know these guys were the only ones bright enough to start data mining and using ADP.

Even now, you can’t find ADP for the 2009 NFL season over at I never understood that. Could there possibly be an easier way to get thousands of page views year after year after year with little to no effort whatsoever? Same with ESPN and Yahoo. Go ahead, search “Yahoo average draft position 2010” and you’ll just end up with this year’s ADP. Smart. And I’m not just blaming those bigwigs, the guys running have no excuse either. They have ADP of ADP! And they rewrite it every season.

As you can tell, maybe I’m the only one that cares about Fantasy Football history. I’m the weirdo that saved my Fantasy Football magazines from the ’90s. I’m the one that posted a copy of the 1992 Fantasy Index Magazine’s 1992 Fantasy Football Rankings. I have all the newsletters that I wrote from back then, too — you know, the ones no one else in my league ever read. Awesome.

You are welcome to use the infographic wherever you like! Just please link back to this site at Also, let me know what other kinds of infographics you’d like to see by tweeting me @DavidGonos!


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