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Fantasy Sports at FanPicks.com – Play for Fun, Win for Real

Fantasy Sports at FanPicks.com Play for Fun Win for Real

FanPicks.com is offering an exclusive Free $25 Football Cash Bonus Contest to all David Gonos readers.  Join up now and compete with your fellow members in daily fantasy football for real cash prizes.

The daily fantasy sports industry has rapidly grown into a sophisticated business where players continuously demand more – new contests and props, exciting events and promotions as well as exceptional customer service.

FanPicks.com is The New Breed of DFS… making daily fantasy sports a more exciting player engagement.  You can play both the pro and college football leagues with large player pools and awarding huge daily cash payouts to the winners. At FanPicks.com, our members win thousands of dollars every day in real money!

FanPicks.com is the leading trailblazer within the daily fantasy sports arena… enhancing the player experience through ground-breaking gaming formats.  In addition to the traditional Salary Cap games; players at FanPick.com, will find a unique roster option that includes props, Easy Pick and Multi-Sports contests.

Like most of our dedicated members, you’ve come to the right place to play fantasy football.  Sign up now and receive a 110% bonus when you make your first deposit.  Choose and join your preferred type of contest; from a lobby containing an extensive array of exclusive fantasy sports contests.

The Guaranteed contests are one of the most popular choices offered. A guaranteed league simply means the announced cash prizes will all be paid out no matter how many people have entered. Another choice is the private leagues where you can invite friends, relatives or co-workers and compete just amongst them for money plus bragging rights. There are 50/50 games where the prize structure has a unique payout. Just finish in the top half of the league to double up your money. Check out the multiplier games where you can win 4, 5 or even 10 times your entry fee. Keep an eye out for the million dollar maker contest that is posted regularly where you can play for a little to make a lot of money. There are contestants winning thousands of dollars with just a $2 entry fee.

Daily fantasy sports leagues are designed to begin and end in one day. In college and pro football leagues may run for an entire week to cover the entire schedule since teams compete once weekly.  Draft managers are no longer tied to a season long commitment with their rosters. The next day or next week in football the entire process will repeat itself.

Once you decided on the contest you will need to call on skills and create an optimized roster. Remember participants have to keep under the allotted salary cap for their roster. The skill enters into play when your go through your player draft. A good strategy to employ is to look up the team and player stats at the site. Look how a team who is strong in one category could exploit a team that is weak in defending that area of strength from their opponent. Look for players who you believe will be targeted heavily under that situation.

Once the roster picks are submitted its time to watch the games and follow the scoring results in real time at the FanPicks.com website. It just takes a few clicks to follow the results as the games are in progress from your league. The way to win in fantasy sports is to accumulate the most points from your roster draft. Points are assigned based on individual player performance in the key offensive areas such as scoring and categories relevant to each individual sport.

As the last game of the night goes final the winners are announced and the prize money is instantly transferred into members account. One of the finest features of DFS is when you get up the next morning it is time to join a new league and draft a new roster for a chance to win thousands of dollars once again.

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