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7 Free Fantasy Football Keeper Tools To Improve Your Decisions

Free Fantasy Football Keeper Tools

We found some free Fantasy Football keeper tools around the web that will help you make it through this long, long summer. You should also check out our ever-growing list of Free Fantasy Football Tools for all types of leagues.

Are you sick of pretending you love other sports this summer? The NBA and NHL Playoffs are nearly behind us, and World Cup is coming up, but watching a billion baseball games every single day just isn’t helping feed your Fantasy Football bug.

We’re officially between the NFL Draft and our own Fantasy Football drafts, and some of those are likely keeper or dynasty leagues that you need to prepare earlier for.

Should you keep that young running back that is still part of a tandem, or should that keeper roster spot go to your quarterback, who is certain to land in the top-10 at his position again this year? What about that sleeper wide receiver you drafted last season? He was a sleeper as a 13th-round pick, but what’s the cost of keeping him this year?

Needless to say, Fantasy Football writers get tons of questions about keepers in the summer, so I decided to track down seven free Fantasy Football keeper tools that will make your decisions much easier. A lot of these tools can also be used for yearly Fantasy leagues, but they happen to be more helpful with keeper leagues right now.

Fantasy Football Keeper Decisions: 7 Free Tools To Use Now!

The term “keepers” refers to players eligible to be held over from one year to the next, but we’re also including those of you in dynasty leagues, which means you can hold over an entire roster. Many of these tools project the future value of players for both leagues.

FantasyPros’ Mock Draft Simulator

For the record, this is my favorite free Fantasy Football draft tool ever, keeper or not. You can choose how many teams are in your draft, choose which pick you have, and load in your scoring system and then do your mock draft. These mock drafts are for yearly leagues, but they do have a setting for “Keeper Leagues” in the pay version. You can connect your keeper league from ESPN, CBS, Yahoo!, etc., to this tool, and it helps you guess which players will be held over by which teams.

4 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Keeper

J.J. Zachariason is known as the “Late-Round QB” guy who wrote a book about waiting on quarterbacks back in 2012/2013. is a great article on the questions you should ask about any keepers you are about to hold over.

It’s an old article, in that it refers to older players in previous years, but the information is still dead on and useful.’s Free Email Advice

The SCFE team prides themselves on their free email advice – especially in the offseason, when the more interesting come in. This gives them some time to think about the answers and give an interesting, well-thought out reply. The Fantasy Football writing staff from last season includes Mark Strausberg, Michael Tomlin and John LaPresto.’s Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

By combining the dynasty rankings of several experts (dozens by the time midsummer gets here), the FantasyPros’ combined rankings gives you a great general idea of where your players might go in dynasty drafts. While keepers are a little different than dynasty leagues, you can still get a pretty clear understanding of which players are more valuable for this year and next.’s Startup Dynasty Mock Draft ADP

I love the Dynasty League Football site, which hones in on these types of leagues specifically. They’re always running drafts, and their free version of this table shows you the top 10 dynasty players available. As the summer goes on, they get more startup dynasty mock drafts added to these results, so they’ll change as news happens. You can see the full ADP if you sign up for their premium version.

You can also look at their Rookie ADP for dynasty leagues that are not startups. Can you name the eight running backs in their current top 10?

ESPN’s Mike Clay Ranks His Top-80 Rookie Rankings

Clay has been writing for ESPN for several years now, after being the Managing Editor over at

Each spring, after the NFL Draft, he ranks which players he believes should be taken in all dynasty rookie drafts, and then he goes about seven rounds deep! Most yearly Fantasy leagues go about 25 rookies deep in a 16-round draft. You can also look back at last year’s ADP to see which rookies might become this year’s great keepers.

DLF Podcasts By

Who knows dynasties like these guys? They are to Fantasy Football dynasties what the Ming Dynasty is to Chinese dynasties. (Really, though, I’m not sure that the Ming Dynasty is the best, but it seemed appropriate! I need to check some Chinese Dynasty rankings.)

Here are some of their awesome Dynasty podcasts:

  • DLF Dynasty Podcast: Hosted by Dan Meylor, Matt Price and Ryan McDowell.
  • Commission: Impossible: Ryan McDowell and Scott Fish (of Scott Fish Bowl fame) break down issues dealing with running Fantasy Football leagues.
  • Dynasty Game Night Podcast: Fun with Fantasy!
  • Fantasy Football Engineering: Interviews with Fantasy Football industry types.
  • Player Rater Podcast: They talk about their player valuation process and the tools they use.
  • Read & React IDP Podcast: If you’re into deep dynasty articles, then you’re likely into IDP leagues, too!’s Keeper League Draft Simulator

Set up keepers in your league first, save them, then select which set of keepers your team will be using as you draft on their mock draft simulator. You can do multiple keeper league mock drafts easily.

We hope some of these Free Fantasy Football Keeper Tools will help you make the right choices with your holdovers. For the rest of your drafts, check out some of these other articles:

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