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Guest Jake Ciely Shares His Top 25 Fantasy Football Rankings [PODCAST]

Guest Jake Ciely Top 25 Rankings Podcast
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The “Fantasy On 5” Podcast brings in special guest Jake Ciely of to share his top 25 Fantasy Football rankings for 2018.

These aren’t just any rankings – these are the rankings coming from the guy that was named the No. 1 draft rankings expert by in 2017!

As I mentioned in the podcast, Jake takes his rankings very seriously, and he was way ahead of the curve last season, as he had five rookie running backs in the top 25 RBs well before anyone else had it.

Special Guest Jake Ciely From Top 25 Rankings

Garion Thorne and I talk with Jake about several Fantasy subjects, including:

  • Todd Gurley vs. Le’Veon Bell: Ciely shares his opinions on both – for both PPR and non-PPR formats, and I share a very interesting stat that essentially makes everyone’s opinion about these two players moot. MOOT, I TELL YOU!
  • Ciely also points out two running backs he believes has the best chance to perform like top-five players this year. One is rookie Saquon Barkley, and the other – is a huge secret! Well, it’s a secret until you hear him say it, I guess.
  • Julio Jones vs. Odell Beckham Jr.: Jake likes Julio more, and he explains why he’d rather have the high-flyin’ Falcon on his team than the giant Giant.
  • Rookie Running Backs: Ciely was all over the rookies early and often last year – and he even said the 2018 class was going to be better than the 2017 class. He said that LAST year!
  • Jerick McKinnon and Mike Evans – Where Are They?: Jake explains why he doesn’t have these two studs in his top 25 Fantasy Football rankings for 2018.

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