Injured Quarterbacks on the Mend

Robert Griffin III, Best Fantasy Rookie QB Ever?

Injured quarterbacks are just one of the many news items you have to track during the Fantasy Football offseason.

You have to know who goes where in free agency, and figure out which veterans have new competition breathing down their necks after the NFL Draft.

So it’s easy to understand when we miss out on an offseason news bite about injured quarterbacks and scheduled surgeries, etc.

That’s why we’re here. In this series, I’ll touch on the injured quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends.

Injured Quarterbacks on the Mend


1. Robert Griffin III, Washington

This is the man that everyone wants to know about when you think “injured quarterbacks.”

The hope is that he’ll be back for week 1, but in my opinion, that’s highly unlikely. I doubt head coach Mike Shanahan will send his franchise player out there unless he’s 100-percent sure he’s 100-percent healthy.

The only man who came back that quickly was the robot, Adrian Peterson. It’s tough to judge these types of ACL and LCL tears — it’s all based on how the person responds to recovery. Because RG3 is such a strong willed individual, it’s always possible he’ll be there for Week 1, but I’d look for him to be back after their bye in Week 5.

2. Matt Ryan, Atlanta

Ryan is recovering from recent left shoulder surgery to repair a sprained shoulder. This is a minor injury and he should definitely be ready to go when training camp begins.

3. Christian Ponder, Minnesota

Christian Ponder, Injured Quarterbacks

Vikings QB Christian Ponder threw for 234 yards and three touchdowns in the season finale against Green Bay. (Photo Credit: BigDeeLittle)

Like most quarterbacks that are injured in the offseason, Ponder should be ready to go when OTAs start. Ponder does have an injury that is concerning for a quarterback though — the dreaded elbow bursitis.

I follow a lot of baseball and I consider quarterbacks and pitchers to have similar jobs. With this said, a pitcher can’t throw with a bum elbow, and a quarterback can’t either. So, this is something to definitely keep an eye on as the season progresses.

4. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland

Weeden had some shoulder soreness that is not something to be concerned about. However, it is something to definitely keep our eyes on. He will be ready when training camp begins.

5. Michael Vick, Philadelphia

Where do we start here? Should we discuss the many current injuries he has or the next ones that are coming? Concussions, bruised ribs, shoulder problems, hands, fingers, quadriceps — yeah, they’ve all been Vick’s injuries of the past two years.

It’s simple — this guy can’t stay healthy, he’s usable only as a week-by-week play in most standard Fantasy leagues.

6. Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville

Gabbert had some forearm and shoulder stiffness at the end of last season. He will be available Week 1 and doesn’t have the Jags concerned. But the question is, will he be effective? He is not a week-by-week play in Fantasy – not by a long shot.

7. Carson Palmer, Arizona

This is a team that has made major strides in the offseason. Now, Fitzgerald finally has an arm to throw him the ball, but is it a healthy arm? Yes, he is healthy and I think he’ll stay that way. The one worry I have is that dreadful offensive line. H

opefully, he can get the ball out quick and ride his two-back tandem of Rashard Mendenhall and rookie Andre Ellington to help solidify this solid NFC team.

8. Jake Locker, Tennessee

This is the only injury I can relate to and I can tell you he’ll probably never be the same. Even with great trainers, it’s going to be almost impossible to get that shoulder right again, once it’s been out. Its vulnerable to pop out again. I think Locker is in some trouble here, while he is healthy now, I don’t believe he will stay that way.

Joel Bartilotta, 22, has been playing Fantasy Sports for over a decade now, as he enters his final year at Metro University of Denver. He roots for his home team Nuggets and Rockies, even though they greatly disappoint him. He’ll be doing a complete series on injured quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends.


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