Interrogate the Industry No. 11: Rumford Johnny


Interrogate the Industry has returned and this week we are back with the one and only Rumford Johnny! Johnny runs the both the site and podcast of 2 Mugs Fantasy Football Podcast along with @RyFo18. Their podcast is awesome and entertaining so if you are in need of another podcast be sure to check it out. Heck, even if you don’t have time for another CHECK IT OUT!

I am behind on my rankings, and draft prep for a few of my own leagues so I will get down and dirty right away this week. Be sure to follow me @fantsychillpony and our guest @rumfordjohnny

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Interrogate the Industry No. 11: Rumford Johnny

1. Everyone got their Fantasy Industry start somewhere. Talk about yours as brief or detailed as you like. If possible include ups and downs, others in the industry who helped?

I started like anyone else, the message boards of other fantasy sites. I worked briefly for another site and quickly decided I wanted to do my own thing, met Ryan Forbes on that site, and shortly thereafter 2mugsff.com was born. Ryan and I have similar fantasy sensibilities, and we both love beer. We’ll never be the most prolific site in the industry, but we stand by the quality of our work, and are truly proud of the listenership we’ve built through our podcast.

2. Do you partake in Daily Fantasy Sports? If so, can you see them eventually dominating the industry?

I think daily fantasy gaming is the future of fantasy. We have a partnership with DraftKings.com, and are also promoting FantastyElite.com. The great part of daily fantasy? No lamenting the hard luck of a year-long league if your top pick tears his ACL. Every week you start anew, and you can truly make much more money than a handful of annual redraft leagues. It’s truly addicting, and I love it.

3. Rehashing an old argument in one of my leagues from a few years ago, is a first round selection who gets hurt for the season a bust or a terrible draft pick? I argue by definition, no. Your thoughts.

Adrian Peterson, 2013 Fantasy Running Back Rankings

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Photo Credit: Vikings Frenzy

The one thing fantasy owners can’t control? Injuries. Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, those injuries were season killers for fantasy, but nobody in their right mind would label either a bust. Bad luck is bad luck.

4. Can you recall one bold prediction, or ranking that missed on? Who or what was it? How about a “Nailed It” call?

I liked Johnathan Franklin over Eddie Lacy in Green Bay their rookie years. I was enamored by Franklin’s home run ability as a pass catcher, and I always thought Alabama backs were worn down to the nub by Nick Saban. Clearly Eddie was the exception, and I whiffed mightily on that one. On the flip, I liked Keenan Allen and Zac Stacy more than most, and both paid off early.

5. Do you ever go into a draft with a set strategy such as “Zero Running Back”, “RB/RB” or “WR/WR” and stick to it, or does it depend on draft flow, or draft position? Any favorite early round strategies?

Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

I think my strategy is always flexibility. I can see going TE/TE if Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are there, or RB/RB if you’re able to land two top ten backs. I actually drafted Drew Brees in the 5th (I normally don’t touch QBs until round 8 at the earliest), because that value was too big to pass up, even in a compatible industry league.

6. Do you believe it is possible to be in “too many” leagues in Fantasy Sports?

No. If your mind can handle 50 leagues, by all means, play in 50 leagues. I currently only play in a handful of redraft/auction leagues and three dynasty leagues. The rest of my time is spent on draft “training camp” or myfantasyleague.com #MFL10s as you know them. Cheap best ball leagues that start in the winter, and allow you to track ADP and potentially win some unexpected money in December, without ever having to adjust your lineup. The rest? I’m leaving old tired redraft leagues and siphoning that money to daily fantasy.

7. Are there any Fantasy Football league formats you heavily favor over others? If so why? Any new formats you think need more attention?

I love auctions, in fact I don’t do snake drafts anymore, unless it’s an industry mock as a favor to a friend. Auctions aren’t about the luck of the draw, but rather an understanding of value and exercising patience and sticking to a plan. Auctions are the most fair and equitable league platform available. I also prefer the FAAB style blind bidding for waivers. The old way rewards losers, and that’s pretty stupid.

Image from wikipedia.com

Image from wikipedia.com

8. If you had to write an episode script for any television show which one would it be? Any plot ideas?

Mad Men. It would probably involve the NFL in some way, with Don Draper developing a cigarette ad for Len Dawson. He’d meet up with Dawson, Joe Namath and a few other players, and they’d ride Harley’s in the desert and smoke peyote with hippy skanks. Also, Pete Campbell would be furious and Don’s daughter would be indicted for murder. It’s just a rough draft though.

9. If you could hang out, party or whatever for one day with zero repercussions who would it be and why?

I’m a huge Jack White fan, and he’s a pretty brilliant musician. He’s also funny and weird enough to assume we’d get into some hijinks and shenanigans. I’m pretty sure he’d let me accompany his guitar playing with my bongos. We’d jam and then a van full of babes would pick us up and we’d have a whimsical movie montage.

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