Introducing the Fantasy Fatcast: Gonos and Emack Talk QBs (Fantasy Podcast)

Fantasy Podcast - Fantasy Fatcast Logo

A few months ago, after a softball game and during several beers at Maguires, our local pub, SI.com’s Eric Mack and I started talking about doing a Fantasy podcast together. After months of putting it off, thinking we’d never get our act together, and thousands of chicken wings, we finally held our first “Fantasy Fatcast” Tuesday night, and we discussed the current state of quarterbacks on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Initially, our friend/2B/former co-worker at CBSSports.com, Brett Tresky was going to serve as our host/engineer, but then he got a job. No one really knows what he does, but we think it involves a pooper scooper.

Emack and I once worked together at CBS, as I mentioned, and we regularly held day-long Fantasy podcasts for our co-workers, only we didn’t record it and they couldn’t click away or punch us in the face without being fired. Good times!

Fantasy Fatcast: What’s in a Name?

We discussed, fought and toiled over what to call this Fantasy podcast for minutes! We settled on the “Fantasy Fatcast,” mostly because it sounds funny and “The Adam Carolla Show” was taken.

(Fat is a common theme with us, even though if I were Emack’s size, I’d call myself skinny, but that doesn’t stop me from calling him fat.)

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First Fantasy Podcast: The One With the Quarterbacks

We talked about Fantasy quarterbacks in this first Fantasy Fatcast, which works out well, considering it’s probably the easiest position to talk about and we were still figuring things out, like, “What does this button do –.”

Emack had recently posted his Fantasy quarterback rankings and draft strategies, which I think you’ll enjoy reading. And I had recently updated my QB rankings, so it was a natural position to talk about first.

A lot of our rankings ended up being close to each other, so there wasn’t much of a chance to call him a great, big, dumb idiot or for him to laugh at me and wonder what I’ve been smoking … But I imagine that time is coming!

Things We Learned

Fantasy Podcast - Fantasy Fatcast Logo

Emack was in charge of the logo for the Fantasy Fatcast. I think he misunderstood the assignment.

We hope you listen to the podcast – and enjoy it, and we hope to get better as the year progresses. A couple things we realized is that there is a small delay when we talk to each other (Emack is currently in Boston, and I’m calling from my mansion in Fort Lauderdale). So we have to time our long-winded comments better.

We also learned we have to remember to promote stuff. I know that’s NOT what you want to hear, but we both forgot to mention our Twitter accounts, I didn’t talk about DavidGonos.com, and I haphazardly squeezed in some promos for both FantasySports.org and DFSEdge.com at the end. I gave a better plug for Pollo Tropicale!

We have to get better at that.

So enjoy listening to our first Fantasy podcast, and we hope to do these regularly! If you have some suggestions or complaints, we’d love to hear them! Just direct them all to @BTresky and he’ll relay them to us!


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