Kneejerk Reactions Could Ruin Your Fantasy Football Week 2

What if NBC decided to cancel “Seinfeld” after just six episodes?

What if the Patriots decided not to give Bill Belichick a shot after his bad tour in Cleveland?

What if [insert awkward analogy that doesn’t really fit here]?

That’s right, if all those things happened, we would have missed out on some greatness. As a matter of fact, we likely have missed out on many great things that we just don’t know about. (In an alternate universe, future Hall-of-Famer Ryan Leaf just played his first game with the Broncos.)

My point is that the 21st century human is much too quick to make judgments on people and things. Like the NBA Playoffs last season, after every night, analysts were remarking that the [Celtics, Lakers, Thunder, Heat] were going to run away with the title and no one else had a chance. They alternated the team name almost nightly it seemed.

In fantasy football, we have to make quick judgments, since the regular season is just 13 weeks long. But after an entire summer’s worth of research, including mock drafts, projections and countless bound volumes of Internet reading, many of us react too quickly after just one game.

Let’s take a look at some kneejerk reactions many of us have already made, and why they may cost us down the road.


Kneejerk Reactions: Fantasy Football Week 2


Peyton Manning is back!

With two touchdown passes and 253 passing yards, the elder Manning brother is once again a hot commodity and everyone’s wondering why they didn’t draft him instead of Michael Vick.

Let’s remember: We weren’t skeptical of Manning because of his talent. It was his neck injury, which appears fine now, and the fact that he thought he could play last year, too. Until he underwent neck surgery. He’s going to be a good fantasy QB as long as he’s healthy. I have him ranked ninth for Week 2 against the Falcons, however.


Robert Griffin III is really Cam Newton II

RG3 wasted no time in making great impressions on fantasy owners, ending up with the second-highest fantasy points and the second-highest passing yards for Week 1.

Let’s remember: The Redskins have what is widely considered one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Obviously, that’s going to make Griffin run, but they’re also not going to give him a lot of time to throw or make good decisions.


Fantasy Football Week 2Michael Vick stinks!

Vick went from being the QB just outside of the top five fantasy signal-callers to being the guy everyone regretted drafting within about one half of football. He’s old, defenses have figured him out and his left tackle stinks.

Let’s remember: Vick and his Eagles were still able to rack up the second-most offensive yards of the week (456 total yards). The Ravens could bottle him up in Week 2, making Vick a great buy-low candidate before Week 3.


Adrian Peterson is a freak of nature!

Nine months ago, Peterson tore several ligaments in his knee, and on Sunday, he completed one of the most amazing comebacks in sports medical history. He rushed for 84 yards and scored two touchdowns, and he claims he’s still only at 95 percent! He made all those owners that didn’t take him in the first two rounds look like fools. FOOLS, I tellz ya!

Let’s remember: Peterson is still admitting he’s not all right. Without question, it was an amazing 2012 debut and he certainly earned a starting fantasy spot for Week 2 and beyond. I have him ranked as the ninth-best fantasy running back for Week 2. But the smart Peterson owners will wait for all those guys that drafted Toby Gerhart to drop him, and then grab him immediately off waivers.


Chris Johnson is a bum!

CJ2K is running like he’s on the cover of Madden. He only got four yards on 11 carries against the Patriots, who had a pretty bad defense last season. Johnson was a bum last year and he’s a bum this year. His big contract ruined him.

Let’s remember: I’m not going to lie, this one was tough to argue. But here goes – the Titans have the 29th-toughest schedule for running backs in the first five weeks. It gets a little better after that, so Johnson could be had for a song in a few weeks. And in the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 14-16), Tennessee is set up to have the eighth-best schedule for a running back. (Whewww …)


Alfred Morris is the next Terrell Davis/Mike Anderson/Olandis Gary!!!

The guy went from undrafted in most fantasy leagues to being one of the best starts in Week 2. The guy runs over people like they’re made of cardboard. He never gets sent backward and the Redskins finally have a 1-2 punch in RG3 and Alf!

Let’s remember: Head coach Mike Shanahan loves to play games with the media and with opposing coaches. Just as easily as he moves Morris from third to first on the depth chart, he could swap it back with no rhyme or reason. Roy Helu and Evan Royster are both good options that will likely see a lot of touches this season.


High-Profile Rookie RBs are a waste of a fantasy pick!

Of the top six rookie running backs entering the preseason, only Buccaneers RB Doug Martin played well in Week 1. Trent Richardson, David Wilson, Ronnie Hillman, Isaiah Pead and Robert Turbin were all disappointments in the opening week. Richardson and Wilson could have even cost their fantasy teams a win! As a matter of fact, the fine people at Cold Hard Football Facts note that Richardson’s 2.1 yards per carry was the lowest average for the first running back picked in the draft in his NFL debut since – William Green in 2002!

Let’s remember: Walter Payton had eight carries for zero yards in his debut. Ricky Williams had 10 carries for 40 yards in his first game. And let’s not forget, Richardson was starting alongside a rookie quarterback. That’s only the fourth time in 44 years that a team has gone rookie QB/rookie RB in Week 1. Relaaaaaaax, everybody. Richardson and Wilson will come around.


Tom Brady hates Wes Welker because of his Super Bowl drop!

Brady looked Welker’s way just five times in Week 1, and the diminutive one caught three passes for a measly 14 yards. He hasn’t had a game that bad since the 2009 season. It’s obvious that the addition of WR Brandon Lloyd and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels means Welker is getting phased out.

Let’s remember: The Patriots have a ton of weapons and Brady suddenly has a ground game with Stevan Ridley, allowing them to manage the game better. Welker remains an integral part of this offense, and being a good WR2 might have to be good enough for those that drafted him as a WR1. But either way, this past week might have been the best time to trade for him all season. 



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