Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings: RB, K, DST

C.J. Spiller RB Buffalo Bills - Week 2 Fantasy Football RB Rankings

The running backs position has already seen a few injuries, and it has even seen a few comebacks from injuries, too. There’s no doubt that even in this pass-happy NFL culture, your running backs are still the backbone of your Fantasy team. We took care of the Week 2 QB/WR/TE Fantasy Football rankings yesterday. Our Week 2 Fantasy Football RB rankings should help you sort out the good, the bad and the injured for your second contest of the year.

Week 2 Schedule

  • Chicago at Green Bay
  • Oakland at Miami
  • Houston at Jacksonville
  • Cleveland at Cincinnati
  • Kansas City at Buffalo
  • Baltimore at Philadelphia
  • Minnesota at Indianapolis
  • Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants
  • New Orleans at Carolina
  • Arizona at New England
  • Washington at St. Louis
  • Dallas at Seattle
  • Tennessee at San Diego
  • N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh
  • Detroit at San Francisco
  • Denver at Atlanta

Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings

C.J. Spiller - Week 2 Fantasy Football RB Rankings

Fred Jackson’s knee injury should benefit the owners of Bills RB C.J. Spiller for the next month. Photo Credit: Mark_Cromwell

These rankings are for non-PPR leagues. Lots of props to the guys at Four-Downs.com for supplying the rankings tool and for setting it up so I can have the stats in the rankings, as well! There are several teams with solid rushing matchups, like the Bears, Buccaneers and Texans. And yet, there are also a bunch of teams looking at some tough rush defenses, like Cardinals, Jets and Packers.

Also, for some reason, the rankings widget wasn’t allowing me to grab Cardinals RB Ryan Williams. Figure he should end up in these rankings around the 34th spot.

Don’t forget to check out the Week 2 QB, WR, TE Fantasy Rankings I posted earlier.


You will need Flash in order to view the rankings, which means you may not be able to view it from your smartphone.

Week 2 RB Fantasy Rankings

Week 2 K Fantasy Rankings

Week 2 DST Fantasy Rankings

Week 2 DST Fantasy Rankings



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